A Piece of the Past Museum Essay Contest

HCU A Piece of the Past Essay Contest
“A Piece of the Past” Museum Essay Contest was inaugurated in 2010-2011 to encourage student research into the artifacts of the Dunham Bible Museum, the Museum of American Architecture and Decorative Arts, and the Museum of Southern History.

Funding for the contest has been generously provided by The Joella and Stewart Morris Foundation and Mr. Isaac Heimbinder.

2022 Piece of the Past Award Winners

                            Piece of the Past Winners with Dr. Napper, Sharon Saunders, Lisa Simon, Dr. Stewart Morris,                                 Sue Sloan, and Dr. Robert Sloan

Southern History/American Architecture and Decorative Arts


Tyler Christian Brogan

1st Place   ($500) – Tyler Christian Brogan, “David Stone Martin’s Above and Beyond the Call of Duty”

2nd Place  ($250) – Robert Walter, “A Lonely Cannonball and the Battle of Galveston”



Dunham Bible Museum

Catie Wuensche

1st Place  ($500) – Catie Wuensche, “Hezekiah’s Tunnel: Examining the Siloam Inscription”

Cameron Morvant

2nd Place ($250) – Cameron Morvant, “Medieval and Modern: Illuminating Creation in the St. John’s Bible”




Art Museums

Cole Funston

1st Place  ($500) – Cole Funston, “Chagall’s Exodus: Biblical and Modern”

Brandon Yu

2nd Place ($250) – Brandon Yu, “Influencing the Last Judgment”





Freshman/HCU Academy

Lauryl Corrine Brogan

1st Place ($500)   – Lauryl Corrine Brogan, “William Holman Hunt’s Light of the World: Midnight Visitor”

2nd Place ($250)  – Lily Clardy,

Lillian Clardy

“When Wax Distracts From Your Impact: The Emma Richardson Cherry Portrait”



Grand Prize Winner

Aja Jones

($1500)   – Aja Jones, “‘A Credit to My Race’: The Hattie McDaniel Doll and the Boundaries of Black performance”




Honorable Mention

($50) –  David Aguilera     Brayden G. Byrne     Ben Caton     Leah Cepeda     Tyler Ambrose Dizon     Dillon Etter                 Madison Gamboa     Caleb A. Guajardo     Noah Hlavinka     Viviane Huara     Van Mawi Iang     Aeriel Kwan                  Katherine Lazor     Veronica Long     David Mallory     Stephanie Martinez     Evelyn Montes     Jasmin Nelson                    Mason Robertson     Robeao Ban Santos     Cullen J. Spadachene     Thi Vu     Trinity Walker     Julia Wise                                          Leo Yerena


1.Nicholas Van Cleve $3,000 (2012-2015)
2. Jonathan Richie $2,500 (2015-2017)
3. Andrew S. Jimenez $2,250 (2013-2014)
3. (tie) Corrie McCloy $2,250 (2016-2018)
5. Katrina Bolman $1,550 (2018-2019)
6. Victoria Thorpe $1,500(2019)
7. Katie L. Kuhlman $1,100 (2011-2014)
8.  Emma Perry $1000 (2019-2021)
8.  (tie) Alexander B. Hale $1,000 (2016-2017)
9. Andrew W. Adler $750 (2011-2012)
9. (tie) Kyra Brown  $750 (2014-2015)
10. Cody Pepper $600 (2013)

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