A Piece of the Past Museum Essay Contest

“A Piece of the Past” Museum Essay Contest was inaugurated in 2010-2011 to encourage student research into the artifacts of the Dunham Bible Museum, the Museum of American Architecture and Decorative Arts, and the Museum of Southern History.

Funding for the contest has been generously provided by The Joella and Stewart Morris Foundation and Mr. Isaac Heimbinder.

2024 Piece of the Past Award Winners

Grand Prize Winner


Leena Bouchenni, “Tyndale’s Last Prayer”

Southern History/American Architecture and Decorative Arts

1st Place – Josiah Carr, “Brick from Pine Slash”

2nd Place – Mason Cala, “Slave Bill of Sale, 1848”

Claire Wilkerson, “Artworks of the Household: The Story of Virginia Maxwell”

Dunham Bible Museum

1st Place – Ella Ritter, “Tyndale’s Conquest: A New Testament for All English People”

2nd Place – Corinne Sandifer, Uncle Tom’s Cabin

Museum of Fine Arts and Contemporary Arts

1st Place – Abdil Galan-Torres, “Freedom”

2nd Place – Kace Conway, “A Piece of the Best Story Ever Told: Icon of the Entry of Christ into Jerusalem”

Freshman/HCU Academy

1st Place – Dillon Floyd, “A Bedouin Shepherd’s Discovery”

2nd Place – Samantha Ponce de Leon, “The Impact of Epergne”

Honorable Mention

Yaqub Ajisefini, Andrew Beal, Ashley Borges, Mason Cala, Oliver Dickman, Christina Gutierrez, Grant Keiffer, Joshua Larkins, Jayson Mendez, Dario Pantoja, Adrian Ramirez, Victoria Rodriguez, Monica Ruiz,                    Dre’Anna Janae Spivey, Esther Steinmetz, Peter-Adonai Tita. Toby Tulenko, Kevin Welsh, Sam Zeeman


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