Malleis, Rudolph(1870 - ) and Carrie Schilberg (1877-)

Malleis, Rudolph(1870 - ) and Carrie Schilberg (1877-)


1904 German Bible published by A.J. Holman & Co., Philadelphia, PA

Bible B72


  • Malleis to Carrie Schilberg. February 4, 1894.  Location: Newton, Kansas


  • Rudolph Malleis. October 10, 1870.  Location: Elbing, West Prussia, Germany.
  • Carrie Malleis. March 8, 1877. Location: Poland
  • Martha M. Malleis. July 22, 1895.  Location: Post Office Shelly, Washita Co., Oklahoma
  • Albert Malleis. May 12, 1897.  Location: Newton, Kansas.
  • Ruth Malleis. July 14, 1900.  Location: Snadenberg near Newton, Kansas.
  • Walter Malleis. August 30, 1905.  Location: Marion Co., Kansas.
  • Corah Malleis. June 5, 1903. Location: Durham, Marion Co., Kansas.
  • Elsie Malleis. November 3, 1907.  Elmo, Dickson County, Kansas.
  • Erwin Malleis. April 21, 1911.  Location: Stuttgart, Arkansas
  • Oscar L. Malleis. January 30, 1917.  Location: Lamont, Missouri.
  • Thelma Sladries Malleis. December 23, 1923.  Location: Olathe, Kansas.


  • Ruth Malleis. May 5, 1904. Location: Durham, Kansas.
  • Martha Malleis. December 26, 1909.  Location: Stuttgart, Arkansas.
  • Albert Malleis. June 18, 1916.  Location: Stuttgart, Arkansas.
  • Erwin Malleis. March 18, 1945. Location: Germany.


Typed notes inside Bible:

May 19, 2004

German language Martin Luther Bible:

This Bible was published in 1904, 100 years ago.  It was purchased in 1906 by Rudolph and Carrie Malleis, grandparents of Mabel Welch.

The Bible contains the marriage record of Caroline Schilberg and Rudolph Malleis February 4, 1894 at First Baptist Church Newton, Kansas.  The births and deaths of their children is also noted.

Rudolph was born October 10, 1870 near Elbing, West Prusisa, Deutschland (Germany).  Carrie was born march 8, 1877 near Warsaw, Poland. Mabel’s mother, Elsie, and her aunts and uncles are included in the family information.

Mabel’s grandmother gave the Bible to her during one of her last visits to her grandmother’s home.  Since Mabel’s husband was an ordained Christian minister Carrie was certain this Bible would be cherished and cared for properly.

Rudolph and Carrie sailed to America with their parents to settle in Newton.  Following marriage in 1894 they homesteaded in the Oklahoma Territory.  Other family members joined in this move, and some family members still own property near Bessie and Clinton, Oklahoma.

Mabel Elizabeth Welch