Family Records in the American Bible Collection

Jones, Anson (1798-1858) and Mary Smith (1819-1907)


1851 Bible published by Lippencott, Grambo & Co., Philadelphia, PA. Acquired by Anson and Mary Jones in 1851.

Bible 2010.585


  • Anson Jones to Mary (Smith) McCrory. Sunday, May 17, 1840. Location: Austin, TX by Judge Smith.
  • Sarah Sophia Jones to Richard Gaston Ashe. August 10, 1865. Location: Harris County, TX.
  • Samuel Edward Jones to Laura Virginia Childress. November 3(?), 1869. Location: Galveston, TX by Reverend J. Elearned.

Children and their spouses of Richard G. and Sarah S. Ashe:

  • Myra Gessner Ashe to Clayton Slaughter Scott. June 12, 1907. Location: Houston, TX
  • Charlie E. Ashe to Marion Szabo. Location: Houston, TX.


  • Anson Jones. January 20, 1798. Location: Great Barrington, MA.
  • Mary (Smith) Jones. July 24, 1819. Location: Lawrence County, Arkansas.

Children and their spouses of Anson and Mary (Smith) Jones:

  • Samuel Edward Jones. February 26, 1841. Location: Austin, TX.
  • Charles Elliot Jones. September 4, 1843. Location: “Farquhar’s” near Washington, TX.
  • Sarah Sophia Jones. January 8, 1845. Location: “General Cook’s Place” near Washington, TX.
  • Cromwell Anson Jones. June 5, 1850. Location: “Barrington” near Washington, TX.
  • Richard G. Ashe (son of John Baptista and Eliza Ashe). December 25, 1841. Location: Haywood County, TN – near Brownsville. Husband of Sarah Sophia Jones.

Children and their spouses of Richard G. and Sarah S. (Jones) Ashe:

  • C. E. Ashe. September 17, 1866.
  • Willie G. Ashe. June 7, 1868.
  • Richard G. Ashe. April 10, 1873.
  • Mary Eliza Ashe. November 4, 1880.
  • Myra Gessner Ashe. December 16, 1884.
  • Clayton S. Scott. June 25, 1880. Husband of Myra G. Ashe.


  • Anson Jones. January 9, 1858. Location: Houston, TX.
  • Mary (Smith) Jones. December 31, 1907. Location: Houston, TX.

Children of Anson and Mary (Smith) Jones:

  • Charles Elliot Jones. Exact death date unknown. He was mortally wounded at the battle of Shiloh on April 7, 1862. He was a member of the 2nd Texas Infantry Regiment.
  • Cromwell Anson Jones. January 19, 1888. Location: Houston, TX.
  • Sarah Sophia Jones. July 4, 1919.

Children and their spouses of Richard G. and Sarah S. (Jones) Ashe:

  • Willie G. Ashe. January 15, 1893.
  • Richard G. Ashe. November 28, 1874.
  • Mary Eliza Ashe. 1903.
  • Clayton. S. Scott. December 26, 1947. Husband of Myra G. Ashe.


  • (Front of page insert) “Hon. C. Anson Jones, Care, Clerk Supreme Court, Washington, D.C. I wish I could communicate something that would be of interest. But doubting my ability to do so may not be wise(?) at all. God bless my Child, so far away.”
  • (Back of page insert) “March 2, 1836. March 2, 1887.”
  • (Remarks page) “For an account of the Cromwell, Jones, and Strong Kindred, see ‘Memoirs,’ and ‘Records,’ Vol. II.”