Family Records in the American Bible Collection

Northcote, Stafford and Isabella McNeil (1820-1884)


1842 Bible with commentary by Thomas Scott, published by Fisher, Son & Co., London – 3 volume set

Bible 09.253


  • Stafford Henry Northcote, eldest son of Stafford Northcote, to Isabella McNeill, 6th daughter of Robert McNeill, Esq. of Liverpool. August 27, 1842. Location: St. Brides Church, Liverpool.
  • Stafford Charles Northcote to Rosa Annette, 4th Daughter of Henry Wilson. August 15, 1871. Location: Christ Church, Clapham.
  • Ellen Jane Northcote to Thomas Gresham, son of William Gresham. January 15, 1875. Location: St. Matthew’s Church, Brixton.


  • Isabella McNeill. August 12, 1820. Wife of Henry Stafford Northcote.

Children of Stafford Henry Northcote and Isabella McNeill:

  • Stafford Charles Northcote. Sunday at 9:40pm, December 22, 1844. Christened at St. Mark’s Church, Kennington, Surrey.
  • Ellen Jane Northcote. Saturday at 9:40am, August 1, 1846. Christened at St. Mark’s Church, Kensington, Surrey. 
  • Henry George Northcote. Wednesday at 12:40am, November 17, 1847. Christened at St. Mark’s Church, Kennington, Surrey.
  • Ernest Augustus Northcote. Friday at 5:10am, February 15, 1850. Christened at St. Mark’s Church, Kennington, Surrey.
  • Arthur Edward Northcote. Monday at 3:15am, April 11, 1853. Christened at St. Pancras Church, Middlesex. 
  • Constance Isabel Northcote. Monday at 3:15am, December 21, 1857. Christened St. Pancras Church Euston Square, Middlesex.
  • Leonard Beauchamp Northcote. Sunday at 8:15am, March 13th, 1859. Christened June 8, 1859 at St. Pancras Church Euston Square Middlesex.


  • Isabella (McNeill) Northcote. February 18, 1884. Buried February 23, 1884 at Brompton Cemetery.