Faculty/Staff Highlight: Toni Richerson

Faculty/Staff Highlight: Toni Richerson

Congrats! You’re the parent/guardian/support person of YOUR college freshman! Transitions can be challenging, exciting, difficult, and/or drawn out. They can also be forward-looking…. It’s all about how you look at the transition.

New beginnings are a transition.  Whether this is your first or last child to help start college, you and your student have never lived these moments before.  They are different, you are different, this time in each of your lives is different than just a few short months ago. To be sure, starting something new and different in a new place with people you haven’t met yet can be equally an adventure and also daunting to navigate.  From setting your own alarm to looking into a student organization and making new friends, your student will have plenty of stories to tell in the future.

As you watch and wonder and hope and pray for your student, know that we, the staff, faculty, and support personnel, pray for you, too.  When others are on an adventure, those who send them sometimes will and sometimes will not know all the details.  We pray that as you watch them go and grow, be challenged and learn, and hear from them maybe not as frequently as you would hope, you would know that those of us who are meeting your student for the first time want this to be a great experience in community for them AND you.  When you’re on campus, we hope to meet you and learn more about the families of our students.

We hope you will pray for us, too, as we teach, encourage, and support your student to explore and know their gifts, their calling, their passion for service, and their responsibilities to those with whom they are sharing their lives.  Then when they leave HCU they are better prepared to positively contribute to the world God has so graciously given each of us.

These on-campus services are provided to support students as they continue to move and grow with more responsibility for their own personal care.  Although these are not emergency or crisis care services, your student is encouraged to seek out the help available to them to talk with a professional or to be treated by a physician available to them on-campus during the fall and spring semesters.  While the clinic is open for drop-in appointments in the mornings Monday – Thursday, counseling appointments can only be made by the student for an afternoon time Monday – Thursday.  Both of these services are in the Hodo Residence Hall, Suite 102.

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This blog post was written by Toni Richerson. Toni Richerson is the Director for Student Services at HBU.  As part of her Student Life responsibilities she oversees the Health Clinic and Counseling Services.