Clubs and Organizations

Your college experience is more rewarding when you are involved. Below is a list of campus organizations. Find your fit and connect with one of them. If you do not see an organization that fits your interest, consider starting one of your own!

clubs and organizations


Campus Organization List

clubs and organizations


  • How do I start a new organization?
    1. Complete the New Organization Form and Constitution Template provided by the Office of Student Involvement. See contact information for the Coordinator of Student Involvement: Clubs and Organizations above.
    2. Find 5 founding members and an on-campus advisor (part or full-time faculty/staff).
    3. Complete any edits to the constitution and founding documents.
    4. Once approved, attend all required training and meet all requirements of student organizations at HCU.

    The approval process is as follows: submitting documents to the Coordinator of Student Involvement: Clubs and Organizations >> Director of Student Involvement >> Student Government Association >> Director of Student Life

    The process can take approximately two to four months if all documents and edits are completed in a timely manner.

  • What are the benefits of getting involved in a student organization?
    1. Networking for both college and adult life
    2. Improved academic performance
    3. Connections outside of class
    4. Preparation for future employment
      1. conflict resolution
      2. time management
      3. interpersonal relationships
    5. Expand your interests
    6. Develop a sense of belonging at HCU
  • How do I join a current organization?
    1. Go to an Organization Fair during the first week of each semester
    2. Follow our organizations on social media to find out when and where their meetings are
    3. Ask the Office of Student Involvement for contact information for organization officers
    4. Look through our list of organizations on this page and contact them directly
    5. Be on the lookout for flyers and other marketing around campus
    6. Follow @hcuinvolvement on Instagram to see any important reposts and find our organizations

clubs and organizations