Spirit and Tradition

Spirit & Traditions are a source of pride for a university. Take a look at the great traditions we have here at HCU. Join in with your HCU Spirit and Husky Pride to keep the Legacy going.


HCU Traditions

  • The HCU Alma Mater “Hail the Orange & Blue” is traditionally sung:

    • After all sporting events (win or lose)
    • At the Commencement
    • After special Convocations
    • At special HCU events (Homecoming, Family Weekend, etc)


    In the great state of Texas,
    Houston, USA,
    Stands our noble Alma Mater,
    Christ saying I am the Way.

    In our search for knowledge,
    Tempered with Thy love,
    Seeking our place of service,
    With wisdom from above.

    Give us courage, strength and faith,
    To face a world filled with fear.
    Ever onward to the challenge,
    Knowing Thou art near.

    God bless our school.
    Keep her safe and true.
    God bless our Alma Mater.
    Hail the Orange and Blue.

    Music & Lyrics by Dr. W.H. Hinton and Dr. Don Looser

  • When our Huskies need an extra push of encouragement, we gather and sing the FIGHT SONG!


    Get up and go, you mighty Huskies
    Give it a fight for HCU.
    Whenever the goin’ is rough and things are tough,
    Don’t give up the fight.
    Shoulder the load, hold to the road,
    Pull with all your might.

    Get up and go, you mighty Huskies
    Give it a hail for orange and blue.
    Get ready to meet the test, show your best
    Drive until you’ve made History, with victory
    You’ll win for HCU.

    Music & Lyrics by Dr. Robert L. Parker

    Listen here!

  • Strong in Mind, Strong in Body, Strong in Spirit

    One of HCU’s oldest traditions, the Beanie is a hat won by our incoming Freshman students during their first week of school.  Each freshman that attends Welcome Days will participate in the Beanie Ceremony where they are charged with carrying on or creating a legacy here at HCU.

    Proper wearing of the Beanie:
    Proper wearing of the Beanie is bill to the front, with the HCU letters proudly showing

    When should I wear my Beanie?:
    During the first week of your first year; rain, shine, night and day.

    Why is the Beanie special?:
    The Beanie helps HCU recognize and welcome our incoming students.  It also allows students to bond with a long-standing tradition, and with their fellow classmates.

  • Join a legacy and the tradition…..

    During Welcome Days all freshman students have the privilege of participating in a time honored tradition where they are knighted with their Beanie.

    This ceremony celebrates the legacies that are being continued, and the new legacies that are being made.

  • The ultimate battle of the classes!

    During the first week of school, the Freshman class battle the Upperclassmen in a battle of Tug-of-War.

    If the Freshmen win the battle they are free to remove their Beanie.  If they lose……which they always do……. they must continue wearing their Beanie’s proud for one more week!

  • HCU’s official hand sign.

    How to do it:
    Place your middle finger and ring finger to your thumb with you pointer and pinky finger sticking straight up.

    When to do it:
    When you hear someone yell, “DAWGS UP!” Throw your Dawg in the air and bark!

    Be ready at all times! You never know when the yell will come!

    Remember keep that snout out and those ears up!

  • The HCU Seal is a source of pride for HCU.  The Bible representing the word of God, and the Cross representing the foundation of our mission statement, “Jesus Christ is Lord.”

    Be sure to observe the honor of this seal and do not walk on it anywhere on campus.

  • In the Hinton Center, named after HCU’s first President, is a bust with power…… Hinton’s bust.

    Before a quiz, test, or class, give his nose a rub and may the his luck rub  off on you.

  • The four days before school starts in the fall semester are special at HCU.

    This is when we welcome our incoming students with a bang.  From move in to the Beanie Ceremony, to learning more about the university they will embrace; Welcome Days jam packs orientation with a huge “WELCOME TO THE FAMILY!”

  • During the Freshmen Move-In we welcome you in style!  All of our clubs, organizations, faculty, and staff join together to help you move in!

    You pull up, we unload your vehicle and take it to your room!  It is our pleasure to welcome you to HCU! The “Husky Hauler Haulinteers” are on the job.

  • Come back home and celebrate the legacy you were a part of.

    Homecoming is a time where the past meets the present with excitement for the future. Our alums come home, our current students celebrate, and the university has a party!

    “God bless our Alma Mater; Hail the Orange & Blue!” Don’t miss out on the Homecoming fun this year!

  • During the last week of classes during the Spring semester, count on the Student Programming Board to celebrate big!

    Whether its a carnival, Food Truck parade, movie on the lawn, or something else, Spring Fling is guaranteed to be an event you won’t want to miss each year!

  • Every semester, the Monday before finals begin we have no classes to give our students a time to study and prepare……………..

    That night our faculty and staff gather in our cafeteria and serve our students breakfast and it is one big party!! This event is full of games, music, and prizes for all! Each semester there is a new theme, and our faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to express the theme anyway they can!