Your HCU Experience Starts Here.

Congratulations on deciding to be a Husky here with us at Houston Christian University! Here at HCU, we place a special emphasis on the meaningful experiences that students will gain throughout college. This starts with the student’s First and Second Year Experience. We have created a holistic program to assist students in building a foundation to be successful and well-rounded college students.

There is much to look forward to throughout your first two years at HCU! We invite you to read more about our programs and to contact us with any questions that you come across.


  • More About Your First Year Experience

    We know that as a new college student, it can be overwhelming to start at a new place. This remains true whether HCU is one mile or 3,000 miles away from home. We are here to provide you with the support to make HCU feel like home to our new students. Our First Year Experience program is designed to help students to be connected to the campus. It is our goal to make students comfortable on campus and to think of HCU as home. Don’t forget to get involved, as a LOT of questions, and remember to have a great first year! More information…

  • More About Your Second Year Experience

    After our students have completed their first year at HCU, they become a part of our Second Year Experience program. The goal of our Second Year Experience program is to continue to provide opportunities for student’s success. This includes partnerships with various departments on campus to ensure students are continuing onto graduation. The resources found in the Second Year Experience tab highlight departments that are vital to a student’s journey at HCU.