First Year Experience

Houston Christian University places special emphasis on your first year on campus. Through research and our own experience, we know that foundations built during this year are the key to your success.

First Year Experience programs are designed to help you get comfortable on campus, connect with the university and start to think of HCU as home. Get involved.  Ask questions. Most importantly remember to have a great first year!

Make your first year a success!

Below you will find areas to connect during your first year to ensure your HCU success!

  • New Student Orientation (GO Sessions)

    Welcome to the Houston Christian University!

    During your New Student Orientation, we will provide you and your family with the information and tools you need to “Get Oriented” with HBUs offerings, access important resources, learn about a wide range of activities and programs, and discover what it means to be a Husky! More Information…

  • First Year Seminar

    Led by faculty and staff who work closely with peer mentors and usually have less than twenty five students per seminar. These seminars are designed to emphasize class discussion, and to begin your intellectual journey at Houston Christian University. Your First Year Seminar will assist you in adjusting to college life and provide you with a unique learning experience. You will have the opportunity to explore HCU and learn about the things that are vital to your success.

  • Student Success & Success Coaching

    You want to hit the ground running as a new student at HBU‚ and this means understanding your professors’ expectations in this new academic environment.  The Department of Student Success encourages students to realize their full potential as individuals and as prepared, enlightened and responsible members of an increasingly complex and diverse global society. More Information…

  • The Odyssey

    Join the Campus Recreation team for their summer trip experience for incoming students! Student are given the opportunity to start a journey towards self-discovery and personal development while traveling to an off campus venue.

  • Welcome Days

    Embark on your Husky journey during the three fun filled days prior to the start of fall classes! Connect with the other new students and the HCU community, explore all HCU has to offer and consider how to leave your mark!
    More Information…

  • Husky Palooza

    Welcome Week is the official beginning of your experience as a Husky! During Welcome Week you will have opportunities to connect with other incoming students, as well as with returning students who are excited to welcome you into the HCU community. More Information…

  • Housing & Dining

    Living on campus will help you establish a sense of belonging in the larger University community through community development, campus involvement opportunities, and exposure to campus services and units that will enhance your out-of-class experience. More Information…

  • Clubs, Organizations, & Greek Life

    Take advantage of the many ways in which you can get involved on campus. These out-of-classroom experiences will help you grow academically and individually, enhance your overall achievement, strengthen your career choices, and build your resume. More Information…

  • Freshman Council

    Freshman Council focuses on creating a fun and exciting learning environment for HCU freshman who are interested in serving their fellow Huskies. The Freshman Council prepares each class for future leadership service at HCU. More Information…

  • Parents & Family

    At HCU, we believe that parents and family members are essential to the Husky family.  We strive to assist you and your student as you both transition to the HCU community.  We are here for you. More Information…