Phi Kappa Psi

Phi Kappa Psi is a non-hazing, all-men’s fraternity that is social and service-based. College turns boys into men, but Phi Psi turns men into leaders. At Houston Christian University, Phi Kappa Psi’s mission is to provide a life-long brotherhood of honorable men that seek to serve and improve the Houston area, and to create networking opportunities for life after college.

Membership Requirements: Male, 2.7 High school GPA (or 2.5 College GPA), 6-week new member education, and dues to be paid to the chapter each semester.

Highlighted Events: Brotherhood events such as Paintball and go-karting paid for by the chapter, visiting other chapters in Texas, and the Phi Psi .5k event that raises funds for the Elijah Rising Foundation, a non-profit organization in Houston that combats human sex trafficking.

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Meeting Times

Our meetings are on Mondays at 7:00 p.m.

Interested in Recruitment?

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