Kingdom Victory

Kingdom Victory Where we know God and make Him known to others!!!

Who are we? We are a Christian student organization that seeks to help students gain a solid understanding of their faith by establishing their identity in Christ and learning to practically apply the Bible to their everyday life.

What is Our Vision? Our vision is to help young adults successfully make the transition into adulthood by providing weekly relevant and practical bible discussions.

What is Our Mission? The mission of Kingdom Victory (K.V.) is to expand the Kingdom of God by creating culturally diverse disciples through strong biblical teaching and an intimate local connection group.

What will you gain? ● Community ● Practical teaching for your life RIGHT NOW ● An anchor in truth during difficult seasons ● Victory over destructive habits Upcoming Events? Every Thursday at 6:30pm, Bible Discussion. Topic: Moving Past your Hurts and Hurdles No matter who you are, you are guaranteed to have obstacles in life! And there’s nothing worse than facing obstacles all alone with no direction. You will learn how to overcome the obstacles in your life and live the victorious life that’s available in Christ!

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