Pre-Law Degree/Bachelor of Legal Studies Degree (BA)

Start your legal career with our Prelaw Degree

Our prelaw degree is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills you’ll need to succeed. The Bachelor of Legal Studies degree was designed by real attorneys to provide you with the right mix of classes to give you an edge in your legal education. The program is interdisciplinary, meaning it draws from several related areas of study. As part of our prelaw degree, you’ll take courses in Government that cover basic courtroom processes, legal philosophy and constitutional law. You’ll take select courses in history that focus on the origins of our legal system. You’ll have courses in economics to give you a taste of business law. If you are interested in trial law, you’ll take courses in argumentation, advocacy and mediation. If criminal justice is your interest, you can take classes in that area as well. In short, our prelaw degree is designed to expose you to various facets of the law so you can develop a more informed decision about your career options, the different fields of practice, and graduate with the skills to help you get there.

Prelaw degree focus and additional minors

Because the Prelaw degree is designed as a pre-law foundation to prepare you for getting into and succeeding in law school, it is basically a major and minor combined into one program. You can still select an additional minor to complement your studies, but it might take you a little bit longer to graduate. We have many students who chose minors in communications, sociology or Spanish to help them plan for their careers, and you can still do it in four years if you plan well. Your advisor can discuss these and other options with you.

Other jobs with a Prelaw degree

Not sure you want to be a lawyer? The prelaw degree isn’t just for aspiring lawyers. Since you’ll get a solid foundation in basic legal principles and processes, this degree would be ideal for students looking to do regulatory work in the private sector, considering a career in government or wanting to pursue a job in law enforcement. We frequently have recruiters from local and national law enforcement agencies on campus, ranging from the Houston Police Department to the FBI and CIA. When you come to campus, make sure to discuss the Legal Studies option with your advisor if you have an interest in any of these areas.

Testimonies from Prelaw degree graduates

Here is what some of our graduates said:

“I graduated in 2006 with a double major in Government and Economics. The courses provided in HCU’s pre-law program would definitely prepare you for law school. When I was at HCU, I took Legal Communications, Constitutional Law, Economics and the Law, and Business Law. These courses made me more comfortable with the Socratic method, taught me how to read and summarize intricate cases and sharpened my public-speaking skills. When I arrived at law school, it wasn’t as daunting for me as it was for other students because I already knew what to expect. I highly recommend the pre-law program at HCU to ensure a smooth transition into the rigorous law school environment.”

– Arwa Awad, BA Government and Economics 2006,
Maersk Oil Houston Inc.


“As a practicing attorney, I see real value in HCU’s Legal Studies program.”

– Justin Chakrabarty, BA Government and History 2009,
Attorney-at-Law, Chakrabarty & Funderburk, PLLC


“The Legal Studies program will sharpen your thinking, writing, and analytical skills – all essential for the success of your career as a student lawyer – so do not miss out on this great program.” 

– Abe Carreon Jr. , BA English Major and Government Minor 2012,
Camerlengo Law Group, Law Clerk,
Law School Student – Juris Doctor Candidate 2015


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