Paths to Teacher Certification in Texas

There are three main paths to earning a teacher certification in Texas. Students may earn their certification while earning a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in education. They may also seek certification after earning a Bachelor’s degree. Below are the various requirements for each pathway.

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For students looking to earn a bachelor’s degree and a teaching certification.

1. Pre-Requisites

  • EDUC 2320 and EDUC 2330
  • 45 credit hours
  • 2.50 GPA (overall/ last 60 credit hours earned)
  • THEA Exam score (Reading: 230, Math: 230, Writing: 220)
  • Reading Proficiency (SAT/ACT or ENGL 2315/2325)
  • Math Proficiency (SAT/ACT or MATH 1305/1313)
  • Writing Proficiency (ENGL 1320 and ENGL 1330)
  • English Oral Proficiency

2. Educator Preparation Program (EPP) Interview

Have a successful admission interview.

3. GPA and EPP Guidelines*

  • Observe all guidelines outlined in the EPP Handbook
  • Complete EPP coursework with a 2.5 GPA and a grade of C or higher (D in non-EPP courses)
  • Apply for Clinical Teaching during EDUC 4100 and graduation 2 semesters prior to expected graduation date

4. State and Other Requirements

  • Complete all degree plan coursework and requirements
  • Pass required Content Exam(s)
  • Pass the Professional Pedagogy and Responsibilities (PPR) Exam
  • Complete the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) criminal background check process
  • Complete Clinical Teaching (1 semester, unpaid student teaching)
  • Apply for a standard teaching certificate

5. Program Completion

Complete HCU graduation requirements. Ensure the account balance is zero. Notify the EPP director ( when all requirements are completed if beyond graduation.