Department of Psychology

Study psychology in a Christian environment

Houston Christian University’s department of psychology has a long history of excellence, and a reputation for producing outstanding alumni. We’d love to welcome you into the ranks of those alumni. Please read the summaries of our graduate and undergraduate programs below, and view our course listings.

Psychology Degrees

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

As an HCU undergrad, you can major or minor in a psychology program that sets high and clear expectations. Our psychology majors take introductory, methodological, and advanced courses. And there is a capstone experience that helps you integrate them. Our psychology minors can tailor their learning through electives to complement their chosen major.

We train you to think scientifically, speak well, write well, and respect and appreciate others.

View the courses you could take and apply today.

Psychology majors are eligible to participate in Psi Chi, the international honor society of psychology.

Master of Arts in Psychology

Our MAP program is more than 30 years old. Graduates of the program have done well professionally and are regarded highly in the community.  It is a 37-hour graduate program that serves three groups:

  • students who wish to acquire knowledge in psychology to advance an already established career path
  • students who have an interest in future doctoral level training, but who need additional preparation to apply competitively for such a program
  • students who have a general interest in learning more about psychology and human behavior

If you find yourself saying “yes, that’s me,” then contact us and let’s talk about your future at HCU. Don’t worry if you have a full-time job. We have many evening and weekend classes to accommodate your schedule.

Graduates of the master of arts in psychology general program may obtain employment in settings that include community college teaching, law enforcement agencies or private industry. The Master of Arts in Psychology does not provide training that leads to licensure. Therefore, it does not lead to independent practice.

Master of Arts in Christian Psychological Studies

This 30-credit hour degree is aimed at those who seek to understand or practice psychology within a distinctly Christian framework and want a solid Christian foundation for their future career or education, for example, a Ph.D. in psychology at a public university.

Master of Arts in Psychology: Specialist in School Psychology

This 60-hour degree program prepares students want to work with children in a school setting to deliver the full range of psychological services. The Specialist in School Psychology (SSP) is the appropriate specialization for the practice of school psychology within the public schools of Texas. Graduates of the Master of Arts in Psychology (SSP specialization) are eligible to apply to the Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists (TSBEP), which is now a part of the Texas Behavioral Health Executive Council ( for the LSSP. With additional coursework, students can also become eligible for licensure as a licensed Psychological Associate (LPA) or a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). These requirements are subject to change. Students interested in multiple licensure should research the requirements on the website.

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