Psychology Bachelors Degree (BA)

About the Degree

Students who major in psychology can expect a breadth of knowledge about human thoughts and behavior, human development, how people connect with others, and the psychological disorders humans endure. Students will gain such knowledge and understanding through:

  • A comprehensive set of core courses in psychology that provide foundational education in Psychology’s major areas.
  • An intriguing list of elective courses that allow students to explore more specific, and sometimes novel topics in Psychology.
  • A challenging and practical capstone senior course where students can complete their degree with their own research project or a field placed internship.

Graduates of the psychology program think scientifically, speak and write well, respect and appreciate others, and are well-prepared to enter the workforce and or pursue their graduate education.

Program Coordinator

For more information about the Bachelor of Arts in Psychology please reach out to Dr. Nathaniel Marino (

Student Learning Outcomes

Students completing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology will learn:

  1. Various content areas of psychology, such as the history of psychology, social & personality psychology, abnormal psychology, psychology of religion, and the psychology of intimate relationships.
  2. How to assess and evaluate theories and critique key psychological concepts as they relate to specific domains of psychological science.
  3. How to apply basic research methods in psychology, such as formulating hypotheses and collecting real-world data, to evaluate and even conduct their own psychological research.
  4. How to discuss, critique, and synthesize an understanding of psychological principles and how such knowledge applies to the helping professions.

What Can I Do With a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology?

The following examples represent professional settings in which graduates with a Psychology degree may be hired:

  • Advertising, promotions and marketing manager
  • Journalism or public relations
  • Government worker (e.g., Special agent, Police officer, Probation/Parole officer)
  • Human Resources Specialist
  • Psychiatric/Behavior Technician
  • Lab Assistant
  • Social Services Specialist
  • Teacher

*Note: The bachelor’s degree with a major in psychology does not prepare the graduate for immediate placement as a professional psychologist. Consequently, students who wish to become professional psychologists must be prepared to do graduate study.

HCU offers a variety of different graduate degrees that prepare students for careers within the field of psychology, including an accelerated 5-year Bachelor of Arts to Master of Arts in Psychology (BA to MAP) that allows a student to start a master’s degree in psychology a full year sooner than the traditional track.

Course Requirements

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (BA)

Course Name Hours
PSYC 1313: General Psychology 3
PSYC 2301: Introductory Statistics 3
PSYC 2364: Abnormal Psychology 3
PSYC 3313: Human Growth and Development 3
PSYC 3410: Experimental Psychology 3
PSYC 4310: History & Theoretical Systems 3
PSYC 4330: Psychology of Learning 3
PSYC 4334: Psychology of Religion 3
PSYC 4322: Cognitive Psychology OR
PSYC 4353: Physiological Psychology
PSYC 4332: Social Psychology OR
PSYC 4360: Cultural Psychology
12 hours from below courses (9 hours of upper levels required)
PSYC 2325: Dating and Intimate Relationships
PSYC 2330: Human Sexuality
PSYC 2340: Health Psychology
PSYC 3305: Psychology of Personality
PSYC 4316: Child Psychopathology
PSYC 4323: Theories of Counseling
PSYC 4326: Psychology of Dying, Bereavement & Counseling
Total Hours 43

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Accelerated BA to MAP (Master of Arts in Psychology)

HCU also offers an accelerated 5-year Bachelor of Arts to Master of Arts in Psychology (BA to MAP) for students who wish to start a masters degree in psychology a full year sooner than the traditional track.

Online Psychology Degree Tracks

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