BA in Psychology

Harness the science of psychology for a purposeful professional future.

At Houston Christian University, our Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology program offers a rich tapestry of insights into human thought, behavior, and development. It’s a flexible curriculum tailored to align with your unique calling and future endeavors.

Our program goes beyond academic training; it serves as a gateway to success across various sectors. Through hands-on research and field experiences, you not only deepen your understanding of the human mind but also serve others and fulfill a higher purpose in God’s kingdom.

Engaging and challenging, the psychology major at HCU sets before you a multitude of career paths, each one a stepping stone to creating meaningful change.

Psychology Major Overview and Requirements

Also available as a 100% online program, our psychology major features a harmonious blend of courses spanning the vast landscape of psychology. To complete your degree, engage in a capstone experience, which could be a research endeavor or a field-based internship. Our curriculum also enriches your educational journey with essential courses in philosophy, communication, and critical thinking.

Within this framework, you learn to master the art of evaluating psychological theories, applying research methods, and articulating key psychological principles. Additionally, you can choose from elective courses that allow you to explore more specific and unique topics in psychology.

Degree Plan

[PDF]Review the BA in Psychology degree plan and major requirements.

Psychology Courses

Navigate the key courses that lay the foundation for your enriching journey in psychology at Houston Christian University:

  • Human Growth and Development
  • Introductory Statistics
  • Psychology of Personality
  • Human Psychology
  • Theories of Counseling

What Can I Do With a BA in Psychology From HCU?

As a graduate of the bachelor’s in psychology degree program, you think scientifically, speak and write effectively, respect and appreciate others, and enter the workforce or pursue graduate education ranging from law or government to business, education, media and entertainment, and social services.

Whether you feel called to delve deeper into the world of psychology or to branch out into related fields, our BA program equips and divinely inspires you to pursue graduate studies with confidence and grace.

Career and Salary Outcomes

Whether called to counsel, influence the business sphere, or delve into further academic pursuits, you can prepare to make meaningful impacts in diverse sectors or pursue additional training in psychology and related fields.

Specific roles include human resources specialist, school counselor, clinical psychologist, forensic psychologist, health services manager, and more. Our graduates often explore employment or further study in the following areas:

  • Clinical and counseling psychology
  • Human resources
  • Market research
  • Child and youth services
  • Health services
  • Educational and school psychology
  • Criminal justice
  • Social work and community outreach

Psychology majors have varying salary outcomes and can go on to pursue a variety of well-paying professions. Pursuing marketing or market research can yield an annual salary of $68,230, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Entry-level legal, business, government, or social service roles may return similar pay.

Further professional development, certification, or graduate/medical school can lead to higher salaries. Licensed psychologists earn an average of $85,330 per year, while lawyers make an average of $135,740.

Prepare for Graduate Studies

A Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Houston Christian University serves as a solid stepping stone toward advanced studies. Our program’s rigorous curriculum and Christ-centered perspective cultivate a deep sense of inquiry, analytical thinking, and compassionate understanding, making you well-suited to pursue programs including or similar to:

  • Master’s and PhD in clinical or counseling psychology
  • Master of Social Work (MSW)
  • School psychology specialist programs
  • Forensic psychology master’s programs
  • Graduate law degrees
  • Pastoral counseling and ministry-focused programs

You are not alone on this demanding journey. Our Professional Experience Office (PXO) provides close, personalized resources and guidance on how to prepare for and apply to graduate schools.

Opportunities for Psychology Majors

Personalized Career Support

HCU offers flexible curriculums and dedicated student services to support your college journey, from connecting you with employers and alumni to preparing for job interviews. Our tailored career counseling and support help you recognize and nourish your calling so you can achieve your full potential and transform your life.

Explore the career services that equip you for your career path with HCU Student Success.

Built-in Internships and Professional Experiences

As a psychology major at Houston Christian University, you have the opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience through our capstone senior course. This allows you to complete your degree with either a research project or a field internship, providing you with practical skills and real-world exposure.

Our deep roots in the local mental health and psychology community lead to options for internship placement with nearby organizations, service agencies, and educational settings, experiences tailored to your true path forward.

Explore the HCU Community Internship initiative to learn about options.

Accelerated BA to MAP (Master of Arts in Psychology)

Houston Christian University offers an accelerated five-year Bachelor of Arts to Master of Arts in Psychology (BA to MAP) program for students eager to start their master’s degree in psychology sooner. This means you can begin your graduate studies in HCU’s MAP while still an undergraduate—a full year earlier than is typical.

From getting closer to a doctoral degree to fueling advancement in vocations related to psychology, education, and human behavior, the accelerated BA to MAP program fast-tracks your career in the field of psychology.

Online Bachelor’s in Psychology Programs

Discover our online psychology degree programs that offer flexibility for students who prefer remote learning or seek a slightly different degree pathway:

Review all in-person and online majors and degree programs.

Admissions and Aid

If you’re ready for a fulfilling journey in psychology, Houston Christian University welcomes you to apply. Explore next steps:

Become a Psychology Major at Houston Christian University

Complete your BA in Psychology degree program at HCU and step forward as a guardian of the human spirit, equipped with profound insights to navigate the depths of the mind—all under the watchful and nurturing guidance of an institution devoted to your success and spiritual journey.

Start your HCU application today and embark on a rewarding career in understanding human behavior.

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