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HCU Community Internship Program

Many companies use Internships as a means of filling entry-level roles with students who have already been trained and are ready to engage as a valuable employee. Internships are also a means of contributing to the professional development of students. The Office of Career and Calling has designed the Community Internship Program for both of these purposes. We have put processes in place to ensure that students are prepared and confident when engaging employers. Likewise we engage employers to be partners in order to facilitate placement for students into relevant internship positions. In developing a process for all employers, our Community Internship Program allows the Office of Career and Calling to be transparent and fair to all eligible students who desire internship placement.


The HCU Community Internship program is an intentional internship placement program available to all students at Houston Christian University. To apply for the program or request more information, please  click the link below to get started.
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The HCU Community Internship program is an opportunity for employers to partner with the Office of Career and Calling to source students interested in Internships. To apply for the program or request more information, please email HCU Office of Career and Calling.
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Goals for the HCU Community Internship Program

  1. To strategically place students into paid/unpaid internships that will provide opportunities to gain professional experience in their respective field(s) of interest.
  2. To develop relationships with Community Internship Partners in all fields who are seeking interns to compliment their business needs and/or would like to create an internship just for HCU Huskies!
  3. To assist all students with securing employment and therefore gaining professional experience to place upon the resume which will ensure Huskies are competitive in today’s job market as well as when applying for graduate school.
  4. To equip our students in understanding the value of the knowledge and gifts they possess and will need beyond the classroom in order to vigorously pursue their careers and achieve their American Dream.
  5. To prepare students for the internship/job search and application process with a Community Internship Partner or an employer of interest by requiring a complete internship application, a professional resume, a successful mock interview, social media scrub, and an up-to-date LinkedIn profile before introducing the student to the employer.


The Career Shadow & Mentoring Program is geared for alumni interested in mentoring students and providing shadowing opportunities.  To apply for the program or request more information, please contact HCU Alumni Relations.
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