Tutoring Center

We support over 90 courses and are dedicated to the academic success of all HCU students. Tutoring services will be conducted remotely through university Blackboard services (ASC Online Tutoring) and in-person through our Tutoring Center. We have several services to help you meet your academic goals.

Tutoring Services

  • Course-Specific Tutoring: offered in 90 courses in person
  • Writing Tutoring: offered in-person and online. Workshops are also offered through the Writing Center.
  • Graduate Tutoring: offered in writing, along with in-person and online
  • Academic Coaching:  personalized 15-30 minute weekly sessions assisting with time management and study skills
  • Supplemental Instruction: study sessions led by an upper-classmen peer who attends the class lecture
  • Test Reviews: 2-hour reviews at the request of the professor before a major test
  • Workshops: focusing on high need areas
  • Weekly Study Groups: study groups with other students who can help each other
  • English Language Learner (ELL) and Reading Comprehension Support: assistance in learning reading and writing strategies for the English language

Schedule An Appointment

You may schedule a one-on-one tutoring appointment, or visit the writing center for writing workshops.

You can also make an appointments in Pathfinder as follows:

  • Use the HCU Portal to access Pathfinder
  • Pick your course or type of tutoring and select a time that works for both you and the tutor

For help scheduling an appointment, or any other questions and concerns, please email sherlingkw@HC.edu.

Become A Tutor

We are so excited you are considering applying to be a member of our tutoring staff! Please review the requirements and guidelines for peer-tutor jobs and becoming a tutor.

Student Tutor Jobs