Celebration of Scholarship Symposium

The Celebration of Scholarship Symposium serves as a venue for students, faculty members, and the general public to explore the relationship between research and education. Students from all academic fields along with invited guests are encouraged to participate in discussions that opens opportunity for research and contribution.

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22nd Annual Celebration of Scholarship Symposium

Thursday, April 18th, 2024 at Morris Cultural Arts Center (McNair Hall): 1pm-5pm

Houston Christian University’s 22nd Annual Celebration of Scholarship Symposium is a competitive event where students can submit their research findings for the current academic year.  Undergraduate and graduate students are invited to submit their academic work and experiences in the form of a paper or a poster presentation. The symposium’s objective is to pave the ground for future collaboration between the university and the community by highlighting all the discoveries produced by students with the support of faculty members.

To register or for more information, please email kcerling@hc.edu  

Celebration of Scholarship Symposium

  • Guidelines for Participants during the Celebration of Scholarship Symposium:

    The Poster Session

    1. The Poster Session will be in McNair Hall, Cultural Arts Center on Thursday, May 4 from 1pm – 5:00 pm and judging will be between 5pm-6pm. The poster stands will be set up around 12:00pm to allow students to arrange their posters between 12:00pm-1pm. If a student cannot make that time to hang up their poster, then the student is encouraged to contact Dr. Cerling to make arrangements for the poster to be hung. Student do not have to be by their poster the entire time (see #3 below).
    2. A stand, a foam board and thumb tacks will be provided. Each stand will have one poster back and front. In addition, some tables will be available but hangable posters are preferred.
    3. You may have someone present during 1pm-5pm to answer any questions about the poster and to present your work. That is when judges will make the rounds and guests will be encouraged to attend then. Professional attire is required. It is preferred that all members of the group be present.
    4. Each poster will be assigned a number. Look for the number and then stick your number on your poster for easy viewing.
    5. Each poster must have a title, the names of all the contributors, and the presenter’s college or school.
    6. Name tags will be available at a designated table for the presenters. The name of the presenter(s) and the presenters’ college must be written on the name tag.
    7. NOTICE: Students must remove their posters from the Display Session by 9:00 pm on Thursday, May 4. Please leave the orange poster number card on the table when you remove your poster. Posters that are left after that time can be found in Dr. Cerling’s office (Brown 289).

    The Oral Session

    1. The Paper Presentation Sessions will be held on Thursday, May 4 from 2:00-5:00 PM (the session time and place may be modified depending on number of presenters) in the Morris Cultural Arts Center. Professional attire is required.
    2. Each Oral Presentation will be assigned a time slot that will be sent by e-mail to the student giving the talk. At the time technology requests will be evaluated; the use of a projector for PowerPoint will be available.
    3. The Oral Presentation should not last more than 30 minutes including time for questions.
    4. Each Oral Presentation must have a title, the names of all the contributors, and the presenter’s college.
    5. Awards will be given and the winners will be notified via email after the celebration. At least one judge will be assigned to listen to your presentation.
  • Any graduate or undergraduate student who has prepared a project during the Spring 2022 through the Spring 2023 semester is eligible to participate in this event. Participating students should choose to do either a poster presentation or give a paper (in other words, a student cannot present both a poster presentation and paper for the same project). Students are allowed to present more than one project during the symposium.

    A link to the online application can be found in the upper left-hand side of this guide. Please have your research advisor approve your abstract before you submit it. Only students who submit their application by the deadline date will be considered. Guidelines for participating in the symposium and other relevant information will be posted on the upper left-hand side of this guide.

    Judging information will be e-mailed after the submission deadline for those who wish to have their poster or oral presentations judged. For further questions, please contact Dr. Kristie Cerling (kcerling@hbu.edu).

  • Submission Deadline:  April 26, 2023 by 11:59pm

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