Family Records in the American Bible Collection

Hammond, Charles (1716-1794) and Elizabeth Steel (1721-1798)


1608 Geneva Bible published by Robert Barker, London

Bible 08.48


  • Job Hammond, son of Sam Hammond, to Lucy Howard. Location: Augusta. Lived in North Carolina.

Children and spouses of Job Hammond and Lucy Howard:

  • Dudley Hammond to Elanor Johnson Charleston. 1st marriage.
  • Dudley Hammond to Ann Williams Jenkins. 2nd marriage.
  • Elizabeth Hammond to R. Worrell. 1st marriage.
  • Elizabeth Hammond to B. Sudditk. 2nd marriage.
  • Lucy Hammond to R. Worrell.
  • William Hammond, son of Job and Lucy Howard, to Frances Acker. 1st marriage.
  • William Hammond, son of Job and Lucy Howard, to Lucy Carroll (Hudson) Carter, widow of T. P. Carter. 2ndmarriage.


  • Julia F. Hammond, daughter of William Hammond and Frances Acker, to B. Spring.
  • Ellen Hammond, daughter of Samuel Hammond, to Kingman.
  • John Hammond, son of Samuel Hammond, to J. H. Washington.
  • Amos W. Hammond, son of Job and Polly Hammond, to Eliza C. Hudson of Ruckersville, GA. 1st marriage.
  • Amos W. Hammond to Mary Shelby, widow of Dr. J. L. Shelby (relative of Gov. Shelby of Kentucky). 2ndmarriage.
  • James H. Hammond, son of Elisha and Catharine Hammond, to Catharine E. Fitzsimmons. June 23, 1831.
  • Catherine Hammond, son of James H. and Catherine E. Hammond, to Jas. Gregg. 1st marriage.
  • Catherine Hammond, son of James H. and Catherine E. Hammond, to W. E. McCoy. 2nd marriage.
  • Elizabeth Hammond, son of James H. and Catherine E. Hammond, to W. R. Eve.


Children of John Hammond (b. April 1685) and Katherine Dobyns:

  • Betty Hammond. Saturday at 9am, October 17, 1713.
  • Charles Hammond. Monday at 11pm, November 19, 1716.
  • Catsy “Katherine”? Hammond. Wednesday at 9am, January 13, 1719.
  • John Hammond. Tuesday at 9am, February 5, 1722.
  • Daniel Hammond. Tuesday at 9am, April 27, 1725.
  • Leroy Hammond. Tuesday at 11am, February 18, 1728.
  • Winnefrid Hammond. Tuesday at 9am, June 6, 1732.

Children of Charles Hammond (b. 1716), son of John and Katherine Hammond, and Elizabeth Steel (b. October 28, 1721), daughter of Sam and Catherine Steel:

  • Charles Hammond. Wednesday at 9pm, November 18, 1747.
  • John Hammond. Tuesday at 3pm, April 25, 1749.
  • Abner Hammond. Sunday at 10pm, March 31, 1751.
  • Epaphroditus Hammond. Sunday at 10am, June 17, 1753.
  • Sarah Hammond. Monday at 10am, June 2, 1755.
  • Samuel Hammond. Wednesday at 10pm, September 21, 1757.
  • Georges Hammond. Thursday at 10pm, November 15, 1759.
  • Abram Hammond. Tuesday at 2am, January 25, 1762.
  • Katy(?) Dobyns Hammond. Friday at 3am, December 30, 1763.
  • Betty Hammond. Friday at 6am, September 2, 1768.

Children of Samuel Hammond, son of Charles and Elizabeth Hammond, by two marriages:

  • Charles Hammond.
  • Samuel Hammond.
  • Ellen Hammond.
  • Abner L. Hammond.
  • John Hammond.
  • Mary Ann Hammond.

Children of Job Hammond (b. June 31, 1750), son of Sam Hammond, to Lucy Howard (b. January 14, 1750):

  • Dudley Hammond. January 1, 1776. Location: VA.
  • Sam Jenkins Hammond. March 8, 1785.
  • Job Hammond. November 13, 1782.
  • J. Howard Hammond.
  • William Hammond.
  • Alfred Hammond.
  • Herbert Hammond.
  • Elizabeth Hammond.
  • Lucy Hammond.

Children of Job Hammond, son of Job and Lucy Howard, and Polly Worrill:

  • Amos W. Hammond. Sunday, December 26, 1807.
  • Dudley W. Hammond.
  • William Pinkney Hammond.
  • John A. Hammond. Harriet Narcissa Hammond.

Children of William Hammond, son of Job and Lucy Hammond, and Frances Acker:

  • C.C. Hammond.
  • Theresa Caroline Hammond.
  • Susan E. Hammond.
  • Julia F. Hammond.
  • William H. Hammond.
  • Mary C. Hammond.

Children of William Hammond, son of Job and Lucy Hammond, and Lucy C. Carter (b. August 1, 1802):

  • Charles Carter.
  • Ann Eliza Hammond.
  • Asher H. Hammond.
  • Elizabeth Louise Hammond.
  • Victoria A. Hammond.
  • Amerins(?) W. Hammond.

Children of C.C. Hammond, son of William Hammond and Frances Acker, and Mary Elizabeth Drours:

  • Josie Hammond.
  • Fannie Hammond.

Children of Theresa C. Hammond, daughter of William Hammond and Frances Acker, and Judge J.P. Reed:

  • Emmala B.J. Reed
  • Julia Reed.
  • Clifton Reed.
  • Eleanor C. Reed.
  • Mary E.D. Reed.
  • Cora S. Reed.
  • Lucy E. Reed.
  • J.P. Reed.
  • Theresa C. Reed.

Children of Susan E. Hammond, daughter of William Hammond and Frances Acker:

  • Nabet H. Baker. By 1st marriage with Mr. Baker.
  • Thomas Cobb. By 2nd marriage with Dr. J.L. Cobb.
  • Nusnel(?) Cobb.
  • Julia F. Cobb.
  • Henry Cobb.
  • Virginia Cobb.
  • Judie Cobb.

Children of Ann Eliza Hammond, daughter of William Hammond and Frances Acker, and Junius J. Jones:

  • William J. Jones.
  • Carrie Jones.
  • John H. Jones.

Children of Elizabeth Louise, daughter of William Hammond and Lucy C. Carter, and Edward Willis:

  • Eola Willis.
  • Sadie Willis.
  • Thomas H. Willis.
  • Louise H. Willis.
  • Edward H. Willis.

Children of Amos W. Hammond, son of Job and Polly Hammond, and Eliza C. Hudson:

  • Nathanial J. Hammond.
  • Theodore A. Hammond.
  • Amos W. Hammond.
  • William Alfred Hammond.

Children of Amos W. Hammond, son of Job and Polly Hammond, and Mary Shelby:

  • George H. Hammond.
  • Edwin W. Hammond.
  • Ella Hammond.
  • Loullah Hammond.
  • Mary Washington Hammond.
  • Edwin Gaston Hammond.

Children of James H. Hammond (b. November 15, 1807), son of Elisha and Catharine Hammond, and Catharine Fitzsimmons:

  • James Harry Hammond Jr. March 30, 1832.
  • E. Spann Hammond. June 20, 1834.
  • Christophe F. Hammond. June 28, 1833.
  • William C. Hammond. October 20, 1835.
  • Charles J. Hammond. February 5, 1837.
  • Paul F. Hammond. March 27, 1838.
  • Catherine Hammond. September 27, 1840.
  • Elizabeth Hammond. October 4, 1840.

Children of M. C. M. Hammond (b. December 12, 1814), son of Elisha and Catharine Hammond, and Harriet P. Davies:

  • Kate S. Hammond. 1843.
  • Charles D. Hammond. 1845.
  • Ann. S. Hammond. 1848.
  • Marcus C. Hammond. 1849.
  • Thomas J. Hammond. 1850.
  • James H. Hammond. 1855.
  • William H. Hammond. 1857.


  • Katherine (Dobyns) Hammond. October 10, 1746. Aged 58 years.
  • John Hammond. Sunday, April 9, 1764. Aged almost 79 years.

Children of John Hammond and Katherine Dobyns:

  • Daniel Hammond. March 20, 173_.
  • Betty Hammond. August 24, 1771. Aged 48 years.
  • Winnefrid Hammond. Sunday, February 16, 1775.
  • John Hammond. January 1781.
  • Katherine “Catsy”? (Hammond) Bailey. May 1780.
  • Leroy Hammond. Tuesday, May 25, 1790.
  • Charles Hammond. August 15, 1794. Aged 78 years.
  • Elizabeth (Steel) Hammond. Tuesday, July 3, 1798. Aged 77 years. Wife of Charles Hammond.

Children of Charles Hammond (b.1716) and Elizabeth Steel:

  • Abner Hammond. Wednesday at 4am, August 25, 1786(?).
  • Epaphroditus Hammond. Friday at 8pm, August 17.
  • Sarah Hammond. May 11, 1816.
  • Samuel Hammond. September 11, 1842.
  • Abram Hammond. July 31, 1829.
  • Katy(?) Dobyns Hammond. May 11, 1842.

Children of Job Hammond (d. November 10, 1822) and Lucy Howard (November 10, 1833):

  • Dudley Hammond. August 25, 1812. Location: An., South Carolina.
  • Sam Jenkins Hammond. July 19, 1856.
  • Job Hammond. November 10, 187_. Location: Little Rock.

Children of James H. Hammond (d. November 13, 1864) and Catharine Fitzsimmons:

  • Christophe F. Hammond. ___ 4, 1848.
  • William C. Hammond. February 13, 1852.
  • Charles J. Hammond. May 30, 1837.


  • (Title page) “The Hammond Family Bible, Records from 1609 to 1874, when taken to pieces and rebound in Charleston, 1874.”
  • (Provenance page) “Charles Hammond his book, Sent to Scotland and went(?) bounded … in to Virginia again in the Shep A…Captain Hutor, Armor Commander. The 2nd of November, 1759. Was formerly the book of Eliza Dobyns Geand, mother of…Charles Hammond, ___ Charles Hammond. November 25 and year above.”
  • (End of Apocrypha) “Lord make me to…my end? and the number of my days that I may be satisfied? how long my life shall last. Elizabeth Smyth. Henry Smyth. Two loving harts.” In a different hand below: “Dearly and well beloved, Elizabeth, my…wife departed this life the 5th of February, fell sick the 25th of January, and was buried the 29th? of February, anno Domini 1702/3.” Signed March 8, 1702/3.
  • (Samuel and Leroy Hammond) Samuel Hammond – “Captain Major, Colonel during the war of the Revolution, fought many Indian Battles and was prominent as officer in Virginia, S.C. and Georgia, N.C. at Stone(?), Cowpens, Augusta, Kings Mountain, Musgrove Mills. Ninety-six – was twice married.” Leroy Hammond – “first justice of Peace…Government, afterward – …Captain, Major, Ch. Col., Colonel U.S.A., and Indian Agent under Gov. Rutledge.”
  • (James H. and M.C.M. Hammond) James H. Hammond – “U.S. Senator and Governor.” M.C.M. Hammond – “Major U.S. Army, Mexican War, wrote when? Mexican War.”
  • (Verse page) “John the 15th and 1st I am the true vine the Father is the Husband = Man. Great vine on three, on thee the Cluster hangs Youngs night thoughts 282. The mind that would be happy must be great…Great in its wishes, great in its sums(?). Young…267.”