Family Records in the American Bible Collection

Ryan, John and [1]Elizabeth Townes (1793-1821) and [2]Deborah Townes (d.1873)


1791 Bible published by Isaiah Thomas, Worcester, Massachusetts

Bible 12


  • John Ryan, son of Thomas and Catherine Ryan of Saint Johns, to Elizabeth Townes, daughter of Crosby and Elisabeth Townes of Saint Johns. January 11, 1813. Location: Saint Johns.
  • John Ryan to Deborah Townes. January 13, 1824. Location: St. Andrews.


Children of John Ryan and Elizabeth Townes (b., Wednesday, May 29, 1793, at Saint Johns):

  • Peter Jeremiah Ryan. May 29, 1814.
  • Robert Horatio and Thomas Corbie Ryan. May 16, 1815. Twins
  • Anne Elizabeth Ryan. July 20, 1818.
  • Elizabeth Ryan. June 9, 1820.

Children of John Ryan and Deborah Townes:

  • John Lafayette Ryan. November 4, 1824.
  • Mary Jean Ryan. August 25, 1826.
  • Issulia Ryan. December 1, 1828. Location: Quebec.
  • Issulia Ryan. July 29, 1832. Location: Quebec.
  • Daniel O’Connell Ryan. December 25, 1830.
  • Issulia Ryan. July 29, 1832. Location: Quebec.
  • Thomas Ryan. June 18, 1836. Location: Quebec.
  • Crosby J. Ryan. November 2, 1840. Location: New York.
  • Margaret Dorothy Ryan. February 12, 1844. Location: Quebec.


Children of John Ryan and Elizabeth Townes (d. Tuesday, April 17, 1821):

  • Robert Horatio Ryan. August 16, 1816.
  • Thomas Corbie Ryan. June 1, 1817. Aged 2 years.
  • Anne Elisabeth Ryan. July 28, 1819. Aged 1 year, 8 days.
  • Elisabeth Ryan. June 27, 1820. Aged 18 days.

Children of John Ryan and Deborah Townes (d. July 10, 1873, at Montreal):

  • Mary Jean Ryan. July 20, 1827.
  • Issulia Ryan. June 16, 1832. Location: Quebec.
  • Issulia Ryan. May 1, 1833. Location: Quebec.
  • Daniel O’Connell Ryan. September 12, 1871. Location: Montreal.
  • Thomas Ryan. February 2, 1903. Location: Montreal.
  • Louisa Askinself. May 21, 1901. Location: Montreal.
  • Crosby J. Ryan. Septebember 28, 1907. Location: Detroit, MI.


  • Elisabeth Heonen(?). December 9, 1832. Widow of the late Prosber(?) Townes.
  • Catherine Dwyer Ryan. April 16, 1833. Widow of Thomas Ryan.
  • J. B. Ryan. February 15, 1838.


  • (Bottom of marriages page) “And deeply and justly regretted this tribute of merited respect is called forth to perpetuate virtues seldom equaled and rarely surpassed. Designed as an example for and also to impress on the mind of our only surviving child at prudent? a promising youth for the excellence of that tender mother of which he is bereft earnestly imploring the Benign Influence for his aid and Guide through the many Lying? Deines? of this…Transitory Life. The foregoing is the effusions of a Heart incharged? with the pleasing and endearing reflections on Departed Worth the Loss irreparable to and even to be regretted by her Southful? and Devoted Husband. Mr. Ryan.”
  • (Bottom of deaths page) Elizabeth Townes, wife of John Ryan, born in Saint Johns, at half past 8 o’clock on Wednesday, the 29th of May 1793. Died in La Prairie of a consumption of the Body in Chronic Dysentery after a lingering and suffering Jllhiss? giving proofs of the most Christian like fortitude and pious resignation to the Divine Will. Retaining her mental faculties to the last, she expired without a struggle at 6 o’clock pm on Tuesday, the 17th day of April 1821, aged 27 years, 10 months, and 19 days. By her particular desire was interred in the burial ground appertaining to the Episcopalian Church, St. Johns, on Good Friday, the 21st day of April 1821. She was a Chaste metuous? and good wife, the tenderest of mothers to her six, an example of truly worthy of imitating. Hear be said without exaggeration or dread of contradiction that by Friends and acquaintances, she was universally beloved and respected.”
  • (Top of last page) “Extract from the Montreal Herald and Canadian Courant of Saturday, April 22, 1821.”