This Week's Review: "Columbo"

I really did want to see the rereleased “Schindler’s List,” but the rains on the weekend of December 8 made me wary of Houston’s roads, so I stayed home and saved my shekels in anticipation of the plethora of riches arriving the weekend of December 15. 

I spent part of the weekend chuckling over “The Bazaar of Bad Dreams,” a book of Stephen King’s more recent short stories. I also watched several episodes of the first season of “Columbo.” It gives me indigestion when I realize that those episodes are almost 50 years old. I was slogging through my dissertation at the time and did not know there was such a program. When I did find out about it two or three years later, I became thoroughly addicted to Peter Falk’s irritating mannerisms.

I think my highest priority for December 15 will be Peter Jackson’s “Mortal Engines.”