Chief John Karshner on Think About It

John Karshner is HCU Chief of Police and Director of Public Safety and the fourth Chief of Police for the HCU Police Department. He is an alumnus of the HCU MLA program and retired in 2010 after three decades with the Houston Police Department. He was last assigned to the Criminal Intelligence Division specializing in organized crime, gangs, financial crimes, and for gathering intelligence and monitoring events and activities that posed a threat to the community, including terrorism. His family had 65 years of continuous police service as his father, John F. Karshner, was a Cleveland, Ohio police officer from 1945 until he retired on the night his son was sworn in as a Houston police officer. Karshner has been a licensed Texas peace officer for 40 years. He is also a licensed police instructor by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE), served as an adjunct instructor at the Houston Police Academy for 17 years, and an adjunct instructor of American History at Lone Star College‚Äôs Kingwood campus for 12 years. He joined HCU in 2015 as the Director of Emergency and Risk Management and has been the University’s police chief since 2016.

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