Saleim Kahleh talks to Business Major Katilyn Bell on "Think About It"

In this episode of “Think About It,” Saleim Kahleh, Associate University Minister in Student Life, speaks with senior, Katilyn Bell, about the journey that led her to HCU. She shares her excitement about coming to the University and the challenges she faced adjusting and trying to find a place to fit in. She is transparent about the emotions she felt in her early college years of not feeling seen which almost led her to withdraw from school. She credits a caring roommate for recognizing her struggles and encouraging her to come to a Navigator’s meeting, a ministry that aims to reach people for Christ and equip them to disciple others. Katilyn shares how that simple invitation connected her with a group of friends in the ministry who embraced and welcomed her and gave her the sense of community that she was seeking. She shares how her growing relationship with Jesus Christ has transformed her life and inspired her to share her faith with others to make a difference in their lives. She looks forward to graduating in a few weeks with a degree in business management with hopes of finding a job in Human Resources.