Dr. Paul Sloan and Dr. Randy Hatchett on "Think About It" podcast

In this episode of Think About It, Dr. Paul Sloan, Assistant Professor of Theology in The School of Christian Thought at HCU, is talking to Dr. Randy Hatchett, HCU Professor of Theology, about the distinction between ancient and modern interpretations of scriptures. In his exploration, Dr. Hatchett has read ancient interpreters with the idea of mining and rediscovering what they have to offer us. One question he continually goes back to is what he calls reading with a vertical-minded posture toward ancient reading. “In other words, when ancient people had a text in front of them, they weren’t just concerned with the logical connections in the story. What precedes this and what causes this is in the grammar. You know what? What’s the sequence? They’re very much aware of these things and they’re not unable in these regards, but they thought they were being drawn up into a bigger story. To set in front of the Bible was to become part of something that’s much bigger than you are, and eventually to kind of discover your place in that bigger part. And very often this is described in vertical characters terms. There’s the spiritual realm, and you’re in the physical realm. There’s this heavenly realm and you’re in the earthly realm.