Dr. Lesli Fridge Interviews Traci Whittenberg on Think About It


In this episode of “Think About It,” Dr. Lesli Fridge, Interim Dean of the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences, and Dr. Traci Whittenberg, Asst. Professor of Psychology, are accompanied by Professor Boop, as they discuss a new course entitled “The Psychology of Pets.” The course focuses on comparative psychology and explores the similarities and differences between humans and their pets. It also takes a look at how animals communicate and interact with humans. The pair discuss several other courses offered in HCU’s Department of Psychology, including “The Psychology of Toys,“ “The Psychology of Star Wars” and the 5-Year-MAP program that enables students to graduate with a bachelor’s and master’s in psychology in five years. They also mention a degree program that is in the proposal stage that aims to offer students the opportunity to earn an associate’s degree in psychology. During the segment, Whittenberg provides insight into the various career paths available to psychology students and the Christian focus and faith-based education that sets HCU apart. Connect with Houston Christian University, today!