BA in Theological Studies

“Go therefore and teach all nations…” – Matthew 28:19

Houston Christian University’s (HCU) Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Theological Studies degree program builds on core elements of biblical and theological knowledge to empower you to leverage the depth and breadth of Christian theology historically and in the contemporary world.

The Theological Studies major program transcends traditional academic boundaries, inviting you into a holistic exploration of theological thought, ethics, and the critical study of sacred texts. Through engaging with the history and philosophy of religion, you will not only understand the roots of religious traditions but also address contemporary theological issues.

Whether you’re called to serve Christ as a minister, missionary, or in a teaching and preaching role in a parachurch setting, prepare for a future in Christian leadership or scholarly inquiry with the bachelor of theology degree program at HCU.

Scholarships for the Degree in Theological Studies

HCU offers several types of scholarships to help our incoming students. Our theology degree students will especially want to be aware of these scholarships.

Theological Studies Major Overview and Requirements

The core of the bachelor’s in Theological Studies degree curriculum is an in-depth understanding of systematic theology, theological hermeneutics, and Christian history. Students take coursework across topics including Christian theology, Christian history, the study of religion, ancient and biblical languages, spiritual formation, and general electives to build skills for both vocational ministry and academic careers.

With the choice of various electives, the 120-credit BA in Theological Studies program allows you to tailor your studies to your interests within theology, such as Trinitarianism, the Reformation, Baptist history, Christian ethics, and important Christian theologians.

Degree Plan

PDF Review the Theological Studies degree plan and major requirements.

Bachelor of Theology Courses

As a Theological Studies major, the courses you take establish a solid foundation in the theology of the church and prepare you to pursue ministerial service or graduate studies in related fields. The core courses of the theology program include:

  • The Christian Foundation
  • Hermeneutics
  • History of Christianity
  • New Testament Theology
  • Old Testament Theology
  • Systematic Theology

Christianity Theology Minor

Consisting of 18 credits, HCU’s minor in Christianity Theology offers a distinct perspective on Christian ethics and history and how to apply theological studies principles to diverse areas of study and other undergraduate majors.

PDF Review requirements for the Christianity Theology minor program.

What Can I Do With a BA in Theological Studies From HCU?

Most students in our Theological Studies major program pursue graduate studies after earning their bachelor’s degree. While these commonly relate directly to theology, like a Master of Arts in Theological Studies or a Master of Arts in Christian Leadership, the major also equips graduates to pursue other professions like social work, chaplaincy, and caring professions, teaching in public or private education settings, and graduate programs in law, business, and many others.

Pastors, missionaries, theology professors, church leaders, camp directors, education directors, and many other rewarding vocations are backed by the training of a BA in Theological Studies, whether graduates enter the job market directly or pursue a master’s or doctoral degree.

Career and Salary Outcomes

In the BA in Theological Studies program at HCU, you delve into the intersection of faith, philosophy, and culture, gaining versatile skills for a wide range of career paths. This rich academic journey prepares you for meaningful roles across various sectors, reflecting the program’s depth and versatility.

As a Theological Studies major, prepare for fulfilling careers such as:

  • Christian Leadership and Ministry: This path allows you to serve in diverse roles within churches, faith communities, and religious organizations.
  • Academic Research and Education: With a solid foundation in theological studies, excel in academic careers, including teaching and research positions at seminaries, universities, and religious institutions.
  • Writing and Publishing: Find opportunities in writing, editing, and publishing content related to theology, spirituality, ethics, and religious history. This can include working for religious publications, academic journals, or even authoring books.

Salary outcomes for Theological Studies graduates vary widely based on the chosen career path, geographical location, and level of experience. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) indicates that clergy members earn an average annual salary of $60,180, although this can differ based on the specific role and setting.

Advancing your education with graduate degrees can further enhance your career and earning potential. The BLS reports an average annual income of $80,840 for college professors, with opportunities for increased earnings through experience and tenure.

Whether your calling leads to leadership within church communities, contributing to academia, or expressing theological insights through writing or missionary work, the bachelor’s in theology lays the groundwork for a deeply rewarding professional journey.

Opportunities for Theological Studies Majors

School of Christian Thought Scholarships

At HCU, incoming Theological Studies majors may be eligible for several scholarships to assist with the cost of college attendance. It is important to review program requirements, including coursework and scholarship eligibility restrictions. Our theology students can investigate a variety of programs, including:

  • Baptist General Convention of Texas (BGCT) Ministerial Scholarships
  • Christian Service Scholarship
  • Covenant Fellows Program
  • Jerry H. Stoller Scholarship
  • Mary Hill Davis Ethnic/Minority Scholarship

Explore scholarships in the School of Christian Thought and more undergraduate scholarship opportunities.

Continue to Top Graduate Programs

As a graduate of the BA in Theological Studies program, enjoy unrivaled access to a myriad of graduate degree programs, where you’ll further your skills in research, writing, presentation, and academic scholarship in pursuit of advanced careers in ministry, theological studies, and other areas.

Backed by expert faculty recommendations, opportunities to complete undergraduate research projects, along with assistance navigating the graduate application process, prepare you to enter respected graduate programs, including:

Explore the unrivaled support services of the Office of Career and Calling and the Department of Student Success for more ways we help you navigate continuing on to master’s programs after your bachelor’s in Theological Studies.

Conferences, Events, and Networking Opportunities

Houston Christian University offers an array of events designed to complement your studies with real-world experiences. Engage with faculty, peers, and leading thinkers at the annual HCU Theology Conference, attend insightful guest lectures, and enhance your practice of faith and study through dynamic workshops to broaden your professional network and enrich your career prospects.

As part of our dedicated community, deepen your knowledge and forge meaningful connections that pave the way for future academic and professional endeavors.

Register for events and explore School of Christian Thought organizations and centers.

Related Programs

Other undergraduate major programs in the School of Christian Thought equip you with the tailored skills and experiences to set up careers in all facets of ministry, service, education, the humanities, and biblical and theological understandings.

Online BA in Theological Studies

If you want to pursue the bachelor’s degree or minor in Theological Studies through exclusively online coursework, HCU’s Pampell Online Division offers online undergraduate Theological Studies programs.

Admissions and Aid

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Theological Studies at HCU, where academic exploration meets practical application and expert mentorship. Contact us with any questions, and review these resources to start your journey.

Pursue a Theological Studies Major at Houston Christian University

By joining us in the BA in Theological Studies program at HCU, you prepare for a future in religious leadership or scholarly inquiry, equipped with a deep, nuanced understanding of theological disciplines.

Ready to embark on a future where your faith and knowledge converge? Begin your application today.