4 Ways To Help Your Husky Succeed

4 Ways To Help Your Husky Succeed

by the HCU Department of Student Success

If you have big dreams for your student, uncertainties about fitting in, or concerns about grades, then we have good news: you have a Husky support team on your side during the college years – the Department of Student Success. Here are 4 ways Husky parents can empower their students…

Think small

Success Coaches meet one-to-one with each freshman student to help set goals and make connections. Your student has big advantages attending a small university, such as finding people across campus who have the resources and commitment to help them succeed. Through the Department of Student Success, all freshmen students are assigned their own First-Year Success Coach to work with on all aspects of college – a holistic approach that encourages students to balance independence and connections with the HCU community. Students can meet with their success coach throughout the semester, so they have someone to help with setting personal and professional goals, finding ways to get involved, and learning about available resources. Knowing that higher education presents unique challenges to First Generation students, HCU has established a thriving Gen 1 program where identified students have a caring network to help them thrive. College students often respond to “free food” – so when they show up for free coffee or snacks, they are opening up opportunities to learn more about pursing their big dreams at a small university.

Rely on the Academic Support and Resources

From choosing courses to improving study habits to finding a tutor, the Academic Support and Resources supports your student’s academic goals. Pass along this important phone number, 291-649-3081, and have confidence that HCU has the right people and the right resources to help your student. HCU’s advising team helps each student select the courses to stay on track to graduate and pursue professional goals. Students walk into a community of hard-working peers whenever they open the doors to the Academic Support and Resources in the Moody library building. The ASC offers a great study space for individuals and groups. Most popular, though, are the tutoring services offered for more than 90 classes at no charge. Some tutors are even available on a walk-in basis. Our most popular tutoring service is writing support – students at every writing level can find help writing and editing. For peer guidance with time management and study skills, the ASC offers academic coaching.

Remember that your student is not alone

TRIO builds a network for students using faith, authenticity and teamwork. When your student walks around campus, you can be sure that there is someone else on campus who shares similar experiences, challenges and goals. Some students are the first in their family to attend college. Others have a learning disability and are navigating campus and thriving. Others still are finding financial resources throughout their years of successfully obtaining a bachelor’s degree. These students at HCU can count on the support and resources from TRIO Student Support Services, a federally funded program for undergraduate students. At HCU, TRIO empowers students to expand their horizons and helps them succeed in learning and leadership. Services that promote success include individualized coaching, early registration, assistance in applying for financial aid, cultural events, leadership development, spiritual formation, and educational workshops. To be eligible for TRIO Student Support Services, students must be seeking a degree, enrolled at HCU, be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, and apply for the program. Students must also meet at least one of the following criteria: first generation college student, meet U.S. Department of Education income guidelines, or have a documented disability.

Enlarge your circle of support

With the Department of Student Success, there is a Husky support team on your side. As your young adult is faced with more responsibility and independence, your role changes a little. Your wisdom and influence are joined with the wisdom and influence of many new people, which can be positive and negative, comforting and scary. Rest assured that HCU’s Department of Student Success has people and programs in place to partner with your student on the college journey. David Hao, Dean of Student Success, assures parents, “If you or your student are tempted to think that nobody on campus cares about your situation or is able to help, know that the whole Department of Student Success cares deeply and wants to show it.” From first-year success coaches to tutoring and advising to social networks, the Department of Student Success has the passion and the people to help your Husky work hard and enjoy success.

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