Camp HCU: Register Today!

Camp HCU: Register Today!

HCU Mission Statement

The mission of Houston Christian University is to provide a learning experience that instills in students a passion for academic, spiritual and professional excellence as a result of our central confession, “Jesus Christ is Lord.”

Camp HBU Objective

Camp HCU is a weeklong overnight camp for students ages 10-15. They will enjoy academic and extracurricular sessions hosted by HCU faculty, staff, and students, worship and small group discipleship, a community service opportunity, and lots of HCU spirit and fun!

Camp Staff 

Directors and Coordinators 

  • Camp Director: Hannah Akin, Event Coordinator for Alumni and University Events *CPR and First Aid Certified*
  • Camp Staff Management: Sarah Flores, Assistant Director of University Events and Conferences *CPR and First Aid Certified*
  • Camp Logistics Coordinator: Hunter Neesley, Director of University Events and Conferences
  • Camp Nurse: Melanie Eld, Assistant Professor of Nursing

2018 Successes

Throughout the week Campers were part of morning and evening worship sessions and daily devotionals. Worship was led by Camp Counselors, HCU Refuge and Focus Band, and School of Music Students. The morning sermons were led by HCU Faculty, Dr. Jodey Hinze, Dr. Leslie Fridge, and Dr. Gary Hartenburg.  Evening sermons were led by Camp Pastor, Saleim Kahleh. On the final day of Camp’s closing session, 17 campers committed their life to Christ and recited the salvation prayer together. Click the link below to see the week come alive in photos!

Campers gave an overall rating of 8.6 out of 10 and parents gave an overall rating of a 4.6 out of 5.

“The camp is very mixed, and you will feel welcomed with open arms by everyone. You will learn about topics that you choose, and pick what you want to do during free time, so everyone will be doing what they want. This camp has many opportunities for everyone, This camp has really taught me a lot during the chapel sessions,” said a fellow camper  – Camper submission from the Journalism session

“I loved the camp and I made so many new friends and all the CITs and counselors were so nice to me.” – Camper Bella, Grade 6

“One of the best experiences I’ve ever had.” – Camper Vivian, Grade 6

“You will get closer with God Here!” –  Camper Lyric, Grade 7

“It was a great time! Made a lot of friends, never got excluded, and played fun games.” – Camper Dylan, Grade 10

“My daughter had a great time and she and her friends want to return next summer! They said everyone was wonderful and they felt safe. I think my daughter learned valuable spiritual lessons. It was also a totally awesome college prep experience for the kids-a very unique experience with them getting to sleep in the dorms and taking classes there. Lastly, I was so touched by the Pastor’s teaching on Friday. My daughter said that God spoke to her through his teachings throughout the week! I rejoiced when I saw the number of kids that accepted the Lord in their heart throughout the week! Thank you so much for enriching my daughter’s life! We will be there next summer and plan to invite more of her friends from school!” -Romelia Santos, Alumni 2004

Throughout the week, 14 Academic and Extra-Curricular sessions were hosted by Faculty, Staff and Student Organizations.

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