The Four-Year Honors College & Engineering Plan

Brian Davis, an Honors College engineering studentBeing in the Honors College is one of the most challenging things that I have been through, but I can also say that is also one of the most rewarding. Most think that engineering has nothing to do with writing and reading, but one of the most important parts of being an engineer is the ability to communicate effectively. Through the Honors College, I have been grown significantly in my articulation of information, as well as how best to convey what I am trying to say.”
Brian Davis, Honors College Student and Engineering Major

Honors College students who are majoring in engineering (electrical engineering, cyber engineering, or computer science) at Houston Christian University will need to follow a specially designed curriculum plan in order to complete both the Honors College requirements and the requirements for their major within four years. To ensure that Honors College students who are majoring in engineering are able to take their introductory engineering courses in their first year, Honors College engineering students will enroll in ENGL 1313 and ENGL 1323 in their first year to satisfy the writing requirements for the liberal arts core curriculum. In their second year, these students will begin taking the traditional Honors College discussion and lecture courses until they complete the sequence of Honors College courses in their senior year.