Honors College News: Notes from Halfway There

As any Honors Scholar could tell you, the Honors College motto is “sapere aude,” “dare to be wise,” which is taken from the Roman poet Horace. The first part of Horace’s line from which our motto is taken, however, is less well known: “Well begun is half done.” And if daring to be wise is a sign of being half done, well then any Honors Scholar who is faithful to the motto is at least halfway there, halfway to wisdom.

The Honors College Newsletter serves to keep current students, alumni, parents, families, and friends of the Honors College up to date with the happenings of our program. It also serves as a reminder to us and all of our readers that we are only halfway along in our pursuit of the Good, the True, and the Beautiful. Each edition of the newsletter contains a faculty feature, a review of a book taught within the Honors College, an alumni update, and an interview with a current student. Take a look at our past editions below and subscribe to receive the next newsletter in your inbox.

Past Editions

News & Notes: Fall 2018

News & Notes: Spring 2019

News & Notes: Fall 2019

News & Notes: Spring 2020

News & Notes: Fall 2020

News & Notes: Spring 2021