Physical and Other Medical Condition Disabilities

Your documentation must:

  • Include a specific medical diagnosis for each physical or other type of impairment.
  • Provide diagnostic information written by a physician who specializes in the area of your impairment.
  • Be written according to the current ICD requirements, typed on letterhead, and signed and dated by your doctor. Your doctor’s license number and information about where he/she is licensed to practice should be included.
  • Indicate functional limitations and the duration of the impairment.
  • List any medications prescribed (current type, dosage, side effects) and the impact the medications may have while functioning in a learning environment.
  • Include information related to any rehabilitation services and any effect the rehabilitations may have on the individual in a classroom learning environment.
  • List specific academic accommodations recommended.
  • An original copy of your documentation is required when available.
  • Documentation must be delivered or mailed, addressed to the Accommodation Services Director, and marked “confidential.”  Documentation will not be accepted electronically (Fax, Scan or Email).