Psychological Disabilities

Documentation must have been completed within six (6) months prior to your request for accommodation.

Your documentation must include:

  • A current and comprehensive diagnosis of a psychological disorder completed by a certified or licensed professional such as a psychiatrist, licensed clinical psychologist, counseling psychologist or other applicable licensed mental health professional.
  • The University has the right to, and may, request updated evaluations after initial accommodations have been written.
  • Results of any applicable psychological tests or assessments.
  • Include an evaluation report typed on the letterhead of the licensed professional completing the documentation. The report must provide the name, title, and professional credentials of the evaluator (e.g., information about license or certification, area of specialization, state in which individual is licensed to practice).
  • Specify current psychotherapy and/or psychotropic medications (type, dosage, side effects); indicate whether they are effective in controlling the symptoms, and if the medication interferes with academic functioning.
  • List any functional limitations caused by the disability and indicate whether the limitations are temporary or long term.
  • List specific academic accommodations recommended.
  • An original copy of your documentation is required when available.
  • Documentation must be delivered or mailed, addressed to the Accommodation Services Director, and marked “confidential.”  Documentation will not be accepted electronically (Fax, Scan or Email).