Steps to Receive Accommodations

Step 1: First Time Applicants and Previously Approved Students

All students requesting academic accommodations are required to read carefully all sections of information on the HCU Academic Accommodations Web site.  After doing so, the student should print, complete sign and date the Application for Services and the Acknowledgement Forms and submit the forms along with your documentation and detailed class schedule to the Disability Services Director at your initial meeting.  The Acknowledgment form is submitted each semester along with your detailed class schedule for that semester.

Step 2: All Students – Check Your Documentation

Check your documentation to see if it meets the criteria listed on this website for your specific disability.  No accommodations will be written until you submit all required documentation and the documentation meets the criteria for your disability.  This documentation is submitted at the initial meeting.  If you have preliminary questions about the documentation criteria for your disability, please contact the Accommodation Services Director.

Step 3: Submit Documentation and Schedule an Appointment

First Time Applicants
You should contact the Accommodation Services Director, to schedule an initial intake appointment.  Bring your completed Application for Services form,  documentation and signed Acknowledgement form with you to the initial intake appointment.  During the initial intake appointment you will complete the Consent to Release form for Academic Accommodations, sign any needed confidentiality forms, and accommodation requests/needs will be discussed.  Once the documentation has been reviewed, the Director will contact you to schedule another appointment to finalize accommodations and complete the accommodations request process, or to advise you of additional documentation needed.

Students Who Have Previously Received Accommodations at HCU
Academic accommodations must be applied for in person and written each semester.  You should contact the Accommodation Services Director to request an appointment at the beginning of each semester to review and discuss accommodations for that semester.  Students will also need to bring a current copy of their detailed class schedule to this appointment.

Step 4: All Students – Letters of Accommodation

When you are approved for accommodations, the Accommodation Services Director will write a Letter of Accommodation to your instructors for that semester stating that you have a documented disability (specific diagnosis or disability is not specified) which requires specific accommodations listed in the letter. The letters are stamped “confidential,” placed in sealed envelopes stamped “confidential,” and sent to instructors of record, usually within 48 hours after the appointment.  Students are then to stop by the Director’s office to pick up their own copy of the accommodation letters.