Spahr-Tan Center for International Education

The purpose of the Spahr-Tan Center for International Education (Spahr-Tan Center) is to create and promote global initiatives, including international programs, study abroad opportunities, cultural exchanges and scholarships with a primary focus on Southeast Asia (China and the Philippines).

Taking advantage of cross-cultural educational opportunities while studying at HCU will transcend your typical classroom learning experiences and expand your intellectual horizons. Immersing yourself in a foreign setting as you spend a semester abroad or complete a yearlong internship in another country allows you to learn about the speed of globalization firsthand, improve your second language skills, and directly dialogue with frontline sources full of insightful information about international affairs. Whether you are a rookie world traveler or a veteran study aboard scholar, and whether you choose to respond to a simple “help wanted” plea or qualify for an exclusive all-expense paid educational excursion to an exotic destination, participating in programs that permit you to “go global” as a student will enlarge your worldview, better equip you for international vocations, and complement your overall college career as a learning adventure you won’t soon forget!

Believing that any qualified HCU undergraduate can, with careful preparation and course schedule coordination, successfully participate in overseas educational opportunities to help fulfill his or her academic requirements, the Spahr-Tan Center  works with administrators,  school and college deans,  department chairs and directors, and individual academic advisors to help students determine appropriate study abroad options for each academic major and minor, and earn credit hours toward their degree through study abroad experiences.

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