Testing Services: Student Satisfaction Survey

Testing Services seeks to provide a secure, professional, supervised testing environment to meet individual, University, and community assessment needs.

Please take a moment to complete the survey below regarding your testing experience to help us better serve you.

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HCU Student(Required)


Please rate your level of satisfaction: highly dissatisfied (1), dissatisfied (2), acceptable (3), satisfied (4), highly satisfied (5)
Test schedule(Required)
Adequate and accurate information about test schedules was readily available (e.g., website, phone call returned, e-mail brochure sent).
Registration Process(Required)
Registration process was clearly defined and reasonable.
Cost of exam was reasonable.
Check-in Process(Required)
Check-in process was appropriate (ID presented and checked).
Testing environment: Space(Required)
Adequate space and privacy was provided.
Testing environment: Distractions(Required)
Room was free from distracting noises or staff addressed the situation promptly and appropriately.
No one was given an “unfair” advantage during the test administration.
Staff was professional, attentive and courteous during the exam.
Exam Instructions(Required)
Directions were clearly stated and understandable.
Overall testing experience(Required)
My overall testing experience was...