Visiting Student Admission

To be considered for admission as a visiting student, students must be enrolled at another institution and wishing to take classes for credit at HCU. If a visiting student decides to continue at HCU, he or she must complete all of the transfer procedures as outlined under “Transfer Student Admission” in the catalog and be approved for admission. Visiting student status ordinarily is permitted for only one (1) semester. Any exception must be approved by the Office of Academic Records.

Below are the steps to apply to HCU as a visiting student:

  1. Complete the Visiting Student Application (below) with the Office of Academic Records. This application is for main campus, on ground students only. For visiting students interested in taking only online courses, please apply for Online Learning to create an undergraduate or graduate online student application.
  2. Students must submit an official transcript or a Letter of Good Standing from the most recent college attended to the Office of Academic Records. Faxes or photocopies, while not official, may be used to provide an initial admissions decision. The Office of Academic Records reserves the right to request additional copies/faxes from the student in the event that the submitted documents are illegible. Falsification or failure to provide this academic information will result in suspension from the University. The student is responsible for meeting all prerequisites for courses taken at HCU.
  3. Visiting applicants and admits are not eligible for merit awards and/or institutional aid from Houston Christian University.


Visiting Student Application