English, Communication, Great Texts, and Modern Languages

The Department of English, Communication, Great Texts, and Modern Languages at HCU is designed to develop our students’ knowledge and understanding of language, literature, and culture, as well as their ability to communicate effectively in a democratic society and in a global community.

A specialized ability to read, speak, and write critically in English or in another language is not only a valuable asset sought after by employers, but it is also enriching and empowering.

Our various programs and courses seek to provide our students a substantive language education and essential skills that prepare them for careers in academia, teaching, publishing, business, marketing, journalism, translation, research, linguistics, legal professions, public service, and literary studies.

For more information about our undergraduate degree programs, visit the pages for English, Spanish, Communication, and Great Texts.

Global travel opens doors. Find more about our Spanish Study Abroad program here.

Ready to put your public speaking and critical thinking skills to the test? Learn more about our Mock Trial team here.

Have questions about how one of our programs can help you reach your academic and professional goals? Please contact Dr. Emily Stelzer.