Department of Narrative Arts

Offering dynamic degrees in cinematic arts, digital media, and creative writing. 

HCU’s Department of Narrative Arts is dedicated to training the next generation of storytellers working in film and animation, video games, fiction and poetry, graphic design, and emerging mediums. We provide a challenging, personalized creative environment for each student to develop their artistic abilities and instincts. Unified by the transformative power of narrative across these artistic mediums, our graduates are equipped to flourish with a wide range of creative, technical, and professional skills.

With six undergraduate degrees and two graduate MFA degrees to choose from, the Department of Narrative Arts offers a wide array of options for students to pursue:

Facilities and Opportunities

Students have free access from day one to…

  • High-end professional cameras and media production equipment
  • Multi-use production studio with chroma key backdrops
  • Cutting edge computer lab with high-powered 3D graphics systems
  • Advanced editing and audio studios for sound, music, and podcasts
  • Virtual reality, performance capture systems, and 3D printers
  • Industry-specific internships and job opportunities
  • Constantly growing network of alumni and mentors
  • Annual trips to the South by Southwest Festival & Conference
  • Faculty who are highly-accomplished industry professionals

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Narrative Arts Graduates Work In…

Television production
Independent film production
Web and streaming content
Local freelance production

Marketing and graphic design
Visual effects and animation
Radio, music, and podcasting
Sports broadcasting

Publishing and journalism
Public relations / communication
Church and non-profit media
High school and college education

Core Foundations

  • Uniting all of our Narrative Arts degrees is a common focus on the art of storytelling. Whether through the written word, traditional cinema, or new digital experiences, each medium relies on timeless principles of story and narrative. With this in mind, our majors are crafted with a shared core of classes, building a consistent foundation for all students.
  • Also central to these programs is our dedication to creative apprenticeship. While students take many traditional courses, each degree also provides students with vital opportunities to practice their craft, develop their voice, and receive highly personalized feedback from faculty and peers. Industry internships are available for all majors and play an essential role in preparing students for their future careers.
  • Finally, we are deeply committed to integrating faith into every aspect of our education. HCU’s students come from a diverse array of spiritual traditions, including many different Christian denominations, other religions, and non-religious worldviews. Within our classes, students are encouraged to take their personal convictions seriously and engage in thoughtful, respectful dialogue. Led by faculty who have sincerely-held Christian beliefs, our students are challenged to consider the creative call of scripture, from Christ’s example as a storyteller of grace and truth, to the redemptive arc of the full biblical narrative. Together in community, we strive to imitate our Creator God in the incarnational work of artists.