Video Game Design (BFA)

About the Degree

The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Video Game Design offers immersive, hands-on opportunities in computer game development, supported by traditional art and design principles, training in narrative and game theory, and courses in animation. With this broad foundation and many opportunities for specialization, graduates of this program are uniquely prepared for both the aesthetic and technical aspects of video game development. Students also take a series of courses to develop a professional portfolio of work, preparing for both a required internship and a career in game development or interactive media following graduation.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Understand video game theory and visual storytelling
  • Develop discipline-specific skills in a particular field of video game development
  • Prepare to work professionally within video game development and media-related industries


Students majoring in Video Game Design will complete a variety of courses to strengthen their skills in storytelling, collaboration, and design and will also receive mentorship and instruction to help them cultivate a rich portfolio and pitch original work to clients after graduation.

Example courses include: 

DIGI 3321: Art Foundations for Digital Artists
DIGI 3350: Principles of Cinema and Animation
DIGI 3351: Animation Production I
DIGI 3361: Principles of Game Theory
NARR 3310: Portfolio, Pitching, Networking
DIGI 3362: Gameplay Implementation
DIGI 4361 & 4362: Advanced Game Development I and II
DIGI 4199: Senior Portfolio

Degree Plan

BFA in Video Game Design Degree Plan