Master of Arts in Creative Writing

Welcome aspiring writers to Houston Christian University’s Master of Arts in Creative Writing. This 30-hour workshop-based program provides focused training in fiction, poetry, and creative writing within a supportive Christian environment.

HCU’s flexible MA in Creative Writing enables students to take their writing to the next level through electives in the study of creative non-fiction writing or screenwriting, creative writing techniques and genres, and integration seminars exploring faith and the arts.

Whether a student is seeking to publish work, progress in a career, or simply grow as an artist, Houston Christian’s MA in Creative Writing provides the instruction and mentorship students need to thrive.

MA in Creative Writing Degree Highlights

  • 30-hour, workshop-based MA degree in creative writing
  • Fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction writing workshops
  • Studies in foundational craft elements and literary genres
  • Supportive Christian environment emphasizing excellence and ethics
  • Small classes focused on mentorship

MA in Creative Writing Curriculum and Format

HCU’s 30-hour Master of Arts in Creative Writing degree builds upon the skillset that students have through workshops. Students establish a foundation with studies into poetic and fiction technique courses before elevating their knowledge in core writing workshops. The Master of Arts in Creative Writing degree empowers students with electives to support their areas of interest.

The curriculum covers essential elements of craft while helping students refine their individual voices through intensive writing and feedback. Small classes allow for personalized attention from published faculty.

Students work closely with an advisor to select 18 credits of core workshops and technique classes in fiction and poetry. An additional 12 credits of electives allow further specialization.

Creative Writing Degree Outcomes

The Master of Arts in Creative Writing opens doors to new opportunities in publishing, media, marketing, and education. With training in fiction, poetry, and creative writing, graduates gain versatile and transferable skills applicable across industries. Beyond growing in the craft of writing, this degree can also open doors to new opportunities in publishing, media, marketing, and education.

Publishing and Editing

With refined creative writing and communication skills, graduates are empowered to pursue work in the publishing industry as editors, copywriters, content developers, and manuscript readers. Master’s level training provides an advantage when seeking these competitive roles. Students gain experience editing and providing feedback on peers’ writing that proves invaluable for a successful publishing career

Writing and Media Careers

Expertise gained in the MA Creative Writing program equips students for careers as professional writers, journalists, scriptwriters, speechwriters, technical writers, grant writers, and freelance writing and blogging. Strong writing skills are assets in corporate communications, marketing, public relations, and nonprofit/ministry work. Media outlets also seek advanced creative writing skills.


With a master’s degree, graduates may teach writing and literature courses at the secondary or post-secondary level. Writers adept in theory and practice can inspire future voices. Many initially teach as adjuncts or lecturers while pursuing a terminal MFA or PhD degree to access tenure-track positions at colleges and universities.

Arts Administration

MA graduates may work for literary journals, libraries, museums, arts councils, and other organizations involved in promoting literary arts, planning community events, managing outreach programs, directing workshops, and processing submissions.

Continuing Education

The master’s degree cultivates lifelong learning habits that advance careers. Alumni return for doctoral programs, MFAs, post-graduate certificates, or additional master’s degrees to further specialize. The MA also provides foundational knowledge for law and PhD programs. Strong writing proficiency serves graduates in any field.

With Houston Christian University’s stellar reputation, the Master of Arts in Creative Writing degree signals advanced achievement and expertise to employers across sectors. Optional internships provide hands-on experience to further boost career prospects. Our Creative Writing alumni thrive as successful published authors, editors, journalists, educators, and more.

Master of Arts in Creative Writing Degree Plan

Master of Arts in Creative Writing Degree Plan