Narrative Arts (BA)

About the Degree

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Narrative Arts begins with foundational classes in storytelling, communication theory, and professional skills before offering students the opportunity to specialize in one of three narrative concentrations: Creative Writing, Cinema Production, Digital Media. Students take nine hours of introductory courses in one of these concentrations and then are able to focus the remainder of their degree on specific aspects of their chosen discipline through a series of specialized electives. Each graduate of the Narrative Arts degree also completes a professional portfolio showcasing their best creative work from the program. 

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Understand narrative theory across multiple artistic mediums
  • Develop discipline-specific skills in a particular concentration within the narrative arts
  • Prepare to work professionally within narrative and media-related industries


Students who enroll in the Narrative Arts degree program will take courses that help them to develop skills for storytelling, narrative form and development, and narrative structure across various creative mediums. Upper level courses will be specific to the student’s chosen concentration: creative writing, cinema, or digital media.

Example courses include: 

NARR 1000: Narrative Arts Forum
NARR 2200: Art of Storytelling
NARR 2310: Media & Careers Survey
NAR 2312: Collaboration & Communication
NARR 3310: Portfolio, Pitching, & Networking
NARR 3120: Faith, Culture & the Arts
NARR 4199: Senior Portfolio
15 hours of Narrative Arts Courses for Degree Specialization

Degree Plan

[PDF] BA in Narrative Arts Degree Plan