Creative Writing (BFA and minor)

About the Degree

The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing is a rigorous pre-professional degree that prepares students to flourish in the crafting and publication of literary and narrative writing. All students take courses in poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction writing, before specializing in a particular genre. Courses in professional and technical writing, as well as advanced grammar, supplement the degree, while classes in English, history, and foreign languages enrich the breadth of each students’ mastery in language and narrative. Students also take a series of courses to develop a professional portfolio of work, preparing for both a required internship and a career in writing following graduation.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Understand creative writing across multiple genres
  • Develop discipline-specific skills in a particular genre of writing
  • Prepare to work professionally within the field of creative writing


Students majoring in creative writing will study a wide array of poems, stories, essays, and journals in addition to writing their own creative content. Students will also benefit from courses designed to help them become active writers in their chosen fields with assignments related to pitching content to publishers, portfolio creation, and networking.

Example Courses:

WRIT 3331: Creative Writing – Poetry
WRIT 3341: Creative Writing – Fiction
WRIT 3351: Creative Writing – Non-Fiction
WRIT 3371: Professional and Technical Writing
WRIT 3383: Advanced Grammar and Writing
12 Hours – Advanced Writing Courses
6 Hours – Upper-Level English Courses
6 Hours – Language Arts and Humanities Enrichment Courses
2 Hours – Internships
WRIT 3199: Senior Portfolio

Degree Plans

[PDF] BFA in Creative Writing Major Degree Plan
[PDF] Creative Writing Minor Degree Plan