Degree in Graphic Design (BFA)

The BFA in Graphic Design provides students with a comprehensive pre-professional degree in studio art and digital design, preparing graduates for new opportunities in a wide variety of design-related media fields. Our graphic design school trains students in traditional artistic principles through 33 hours of Studio Art courses, then follows this foundation with an additional 34 hours in digital media. The degree in graphic design also includes key courses in career preparation, including a professional internship and portfolio development. The BFA in Graphic Design is jointly coordinated by HCU’s Visual Arts department and Cinema & New Media Arts program.

The BFA in Interactive Media & Digital Design is a related degree, with a greater focus on emerging technology and digital applications, including web design, animation, video game development, and virtual reality.

Visual Arts at HCU
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The mission of the Department of Visual Arts is to undertake and foster the intellectual and creative development of the individual through artistic activity, scholarship and teaching. The goal of the art faculty is to nurture and encourage students of all levels of experience in finding their visual voices and developing their own visual language. The Department of Visual Arts offers instruction in five basic studio areas: Drawing, Painting, Ceramics, Sculpture and Printmaking. Students in the studio areas have the unique opportunity of receiving feedback in both individual and group critique sessions.

The Department of Visual Arts offers both the Bachelor of Arts (BA – Studio Art) and the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA – Studio Art) degrees.

Degree Plan

[PDF] BFA in Graphic Design Degree Plan