BFA in Graphic Design

Crafting visual stories in a digital age.

In a world where design transcends mediums, Houston Christian University’s (HCU) Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Graphic Design degree program molds your creative talents for a career across vibrant media fields. This program embraces the versatile nature of graphic design, preparing you for the dynamic intersections of digital, print, and interactive media.

The curriculum sharpens your digital art skills and broadens your creative perspective, ensuring your portfolio becomes more than a collection of work. It evolves into a powerful dialogue between your vision and the global design community, poised to unlock doors and ignite professional conversations.

Embark on a journey with HCU’s BFA in Graphic Design program, where shaping visual narratives becomes your pathway to navigating and defining today’s media landscapes.

Graphic Design Major Overview and Requirements

The BFA in Graphic Design program offers the flexibility to specialize in studio art or digital media, allowing you to tailor it to your career aspirations in fine arts or contemporary digital innovation. Whether you aim to create digital art for personal projects or understand the role of graphic designers across industries, you’ll start as a Graphic Design major by honing your drawing and 2D digital art skills. Subsequent classes in digital media round out a comprehensive graphic design education.

Key career preparation components, such as professional internships and portfolio development, are embedded in the curriculum. With a total of 125 credits, the BFA in Graphic Design program adheres to rigorous technical skill requirements and immerses you in the dynamic field of design, equipping you to lead and innovate in your chosen area.

Degree Plan

Review the BFA in Graphic Design degree plan and major requirements.

Graphic Design Program Courses

Courses in the BFA in Graphic Design program combine a studio art core, graphic design essentials, faith and culture coursework, and forward-thinking training in interactive media and digital design, preparing students for new and emerging career areas. Take courses such as:

  • Advanced Digital Design
  • Art of Storytelling
  • Drawing I
  • Painting I
  • Principles of Interactive Media
  • Senior Portfolio

What Can I Do With a BFA in Graphic Design From HCU?

Earning a BFA in Graphic Design prepares you for an expansive range of careers, blending creativity with technical prowess, from advertising and digital marketing to publishing and beyond. Your acquired skills will allow you to shape brand visuals, design engaging websites and apps, and create impactful print and digital media.

The versatility of this degree enables you to find your niche, whether it’s within graphic design firms, corporate marketing departments, or as a freelancer tackling diverse projects. Furthermore, the door to advanced studies remains open, offering pathways to specialize in areas such as user experience design, digital strategy, or visual communications.

Career and Salary Outcomes

In today’s world, knowing how to create art using digital platforms is an in-demand skill.
Graduate equipped to seamlessly integrate your creative vision with the practical skills to pursue entry-level positions or elevate your existing portfolio in graphic design.

From illustrations that align with brand identities to contributing to a large design team or project, the scope of the degree program prepares you for roles that require artistic talent and technical proficiency.

Potential roles with a bachelor’s degree in graphic design and fine art include:

  • Graphic Designer
  • Illustrator
  • Motion Graphics Designer
  • Packaging Designer
  • User Experience (UX) Designer
  • User Interface (UI) Designer

Salaries in graphic design can fluctuate based on numerous factors, including your specific role, level of experience, and the geographical location and size of the company. As you gain experience and build a robust portfolio, your potential to command a higher salary increases, making a career in graphic design both fulfilling and financially rewarding.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), graphic designers report an average yearly salary of $57,990 in 2022. Designing visual aspects of web interfaces as a digital designer or web designer can bring in an average annual salary of $80,730. Advancing to a directorial role such as creative or art director results in annual earnings of around $105,180.

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Develop a Graphic Design Portfolio

Throughout your time in the Graphic Design major program, you’ll craft a collection of work that showcases your versatility across digital and print mediums and tells the story of your artistic evolution. From captivating logos and typography to packaging design, web and app design, and illustrations and photos that reflect your creativity in different mediums and styles, you’ll produce high-quality concepts and digital art for real marketing or advertising campaigns and personal design explorations.

Succeed in Academic and Experiential Learning

Dive into dynamic job environments with our integrated BFA in Graphic Design internship. Tackle real-world challenges under the mentorship of industry veterans, enhancing your résumé and sharpening your competitive edge in the design field. This essential phase transforms theoretical knowledge into professional skills, setting the stage for a thriving career. Seize this chance to convert your academic achievements into actionable expertise and begin your professional journey in graphic design.

Learn about internships at HCU.

Personal, Spiritual, and Career Support

From fine arts events and programming to the vibrant spiritual life on campus, as a Graphic Design major, you’ll find numerous avenues to connect and engage with your peers, faculty experts, and the broader Houston community. Your life at HCU embodies personal growth and development, but support from many offices and departments dedicated to your academic and career success ensures you graduate empowered to make impactful decisions and steer your career path with confidence.

Explore Student Services and check out Student Success support programs.

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Admissions and Aid

Step into a world where creativity meets purpose in our BFA in Graphic Design program. Surrounded by a community of visionary designers, experienced mentors, and supportive peers, carve out your niche in the ever-evolving graphic design landscape.

Become a Graphic Design Major at Houston Christian University

Become an ace of visual communication and good design across all career sectors with the bachelor’s in Graphic Design program (BFA) at Houston Christian University.

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