Changing Houston Everyday: Jason Bible

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Changing Houston Everyday: Jason Bible

HBU Alumni are impacting Houston today and everyday, and we have many entrepreneurial alumni we could feature who are innovative, brilliant business man and women. Jason Bible is a sample of the entrepreneurial spirit that is and will continue to be cultivated at this University. Read his story, which shows the development of dreams into realities.

Jason Bible, MBA ’09

  “If you’re really serious about starting a business, just quit your job now and go do it. The best time to start is right now.” That is essentially what Jason Bible did when he and his partner started their first business, Houston House Buyers, in July of 2013.

In 2009, Jason graduated from HBU with his MBA in Finance. Today, he and his partner, Tom Perry, own three separate businesses and have 17 employees.

Houston House Buyers is a large-scale house-flipping company. They bought seven houses in the first six months, 67 houses in 2014, 90 houses in 2015, and will probably break 150 this year.

The second business began in 2015: They take unsellable houses and help clear title issues, negotiate liens and track down heirs. It is their most challenging endeavor. Jason told The Pillars, “No one else in the country does this.”

Because of their real estate success, an opportunity arose for Jason and his partner to host a radio show on KTEK Business Radio. For seven months, they have hosted Right Path Real Estate, in which they speak for an hour each weekday morning with real estate investors and guests.

“Growth is the business challenge,” Jason said, “You are always going to run into struggles. It’s not about if you’re going to survive, but what you need to do to face it.”

Jason advised entrepreneurs, “You have to have patience. It is one of the most underrated attributes, and you have to be consistent and allow the market to respond. When you really look at where the money is made, it is a 10-20 year cycle. It’s a long haul.”

— Jason Bible

With the establishment of the McNair Center for Entrepreneurship and Free Enterprise, visionary students will receive mentorship and guidance to help them succeed. We pray that our current and future students will be tomorrow’s entrepreneurs, job providers and world changers.

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