HBU Graduate School Reaches 1,000 Students Enrolled

The News Magazine of HCU

The Houston Baptist University Graduate School is growing in offerings and in students. Enrollment reached more than 1,000 students in the fall of 2017 — the most ever for the HBU Graduate School.

HBU Director of Graduate Admissions Allyson Cates said the Graduate School’s enrollment has grown by almost 90 percent in the past five years.

“HBU is becoming more well-known, and it’s encouraging for us to see that,” she said. “It’s an exciting time in the life of HBU, and I believe we’ll only continue to grow from here.”

Dr. Jeffrey Green, dean of the Graduate School said, “The growth of HBU’s graduate programs over the last several years is due to the hard work of the faculty and staff pursuing the vision in the Ten Pillars. Pillar Three calls on us to embrace the challenge of Christian graduate education, and I’m proud to serve among so many who are meeting that challenge every day.”

HBU has expanded its programs to cover diverse areas such as nursing, kinesiology, counseling, business, fine arts and theology. The growth of the Pinky Pampell Online Division means even more options to come.

“I’m excited about the new programs opening up this year and in the near future,” Green said. “Not only do we grow our current programs each year, but we continue to add new and exciting fields of study. We have programs that are being offered in different modalities including online, residential and competency-based options.”

The Graduate School has engaged its students in recent years through events like Graduate School Orientation and the casual Chili Showdown.

“Graduate students are often non-traditional students, but they still want to be connected,” Cates said. “We’re focused on building relationships with them and engaging them with the campus community.”

The appeal of earning a graduate degree includes higher earning and promotion potential, as well as the ability to further pursue an area of interest.

“We’re here to serve working professionals as well as full-time students, and to ultimately help people achieve their goals,” Cates said.

Visit HC.edu/Grad or email OnlineAdmissions@HBU.edu or GradAdmissions@HBU.edu to learn more.