HBU Football’s Original 13

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(In header image, from left to right: Taylor Thompson, B.J. Kelly, Austin Holley, Kameron Lecoq, Garret Dolan, Tyler Helaire, Tyler Brown, Eduardo Osegueda, Cody Moncure, Terrell Brown III, Christian Guzman, Danny Garza, and Ethan Fry.)

HBU football has 13 fifth-year seniors who have been with the program since the beginning. They are known as the “Original 13,” and each has shared his feelings on building a team from the ground up.

“It taught me how to be patient; we might not see the end results now, but the work we put into this program has meant a lot. Seeing the culture we created from nothing has been pretty amazing.”


“I’ve experienced a great deal of pride and brotherhood by beginning something that meant so much to a school and a city. It’s an honor to know that your mark will forever be imprinted into the history of HBU.”


“It was an honor to be chosen to start something special at HBU. My mom always wanted me to go to HBU and I felt truly blessed to receive an offer from the football team back in 2013.”


“It reminds me of God’s grace when we are walking into things we cannot see or aren’t able to understand. This program is a testament of faith for me, my teammates, and staff.”


“An opportunity like this does not come around very often, so when I was presented this opportunity, I jumped on it. All the hard work that all of my brothers have put in to get our program to where it is now is something special and something I will always cherish.”


“It is a constant reminder that God’s always working even when you are too blind to see.”


“I take a lot of pride in being one of the first football recruits and laying the foundation for HBU football. The HBU family has meant everything to me the last five years, and I look forward to seeing the program grow.”


“It means a lot that I can say that I started a football team from the ground up. Also, it makes me feel happy because I know I always had a family away from home and that I’m always fighting alongside my brothers.”


“Building anything from the ground up is never easy, but through hard work and persistence we have seen this program grow exponentially. I’m proud to say I helped lay the foundation for HBU’s football team.”


“It’s been
an amazing growing experience to start something with people who are now my brothers, and it is a feeling I will never be able to replace.”


“It is always special to be the first to start something from scratch. It’s a brotherhood that will always be family even after football is over.”


“It was
an honor
to start something new and see it through with teammates who have now become family to me.”


“It was a learning experience through dedication and commitment. But I believe it’ll mean more to us down the road when we’re 40, and get to look back at what it has become, and what we created and were the roots of.”


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