Recent Major Gifts to the University

The News Magazine of HCU

The HBU College of Engineering is grateful to accept a $2.5 million major gift from The Cullen Trust for Higher Education. The funding supports the Trust’s goal of bolstering higher education programs that boost the community members of Houston and the area. Funds will go toward recruiting and hiring faculty members and students, and equipping laboratories with resources. To date, the College has received a total of $3,714,230.

The HBU School of Nursing and Allied Health is thankful to accept a gift from the John S. Dunn Foundation in the amount of $200,000, which will fund scholarships for undergraduate and graduate nursing students. The award brings total support from the John S. Dunn Foundation to $2.3 million. The new funds will be utilized to support 10 undergraduate and 11 graduate scholarships. The new scholarships, combined with Dunn Endowed Scholarships, provide 29 nursing students with scholarships in the fall of 2018.

The HBU College of Engineering is delighted to accept a major gift from The William Stamps Farish Fund in the amount of $750,000 to support its Cyber Security programs. The award will be distributed over three years, and will support the development costs of hiring new faculty members, purchasing equipment, and generally supporting the program during its initial years.

Houston Baptist University offers gratitude to the Hamill Foundation for an award of $150,000, which will strategically benefit undergraduate and graduate students across the University. The gift will be split in thirds between

1)The Hamill Scholars program, which supports undergraduate students in a number of fields of study,

2)scholarships for undergraduate and graduate Allied Health majors in the HBU School of Nursing and Allied Health, and

3)the HBU Academic Success Center.

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