Dr. Jeremiah Johnston Hosts National Radio Show

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As a New Testament scholar, apologist, writer and speaker, Dr. Jeremiah Johnston, HBU associate professor of Early Christianity and president of the Christian Thinkers Society (CTS, a resident institute of HBU), has dedicated his life to addressing the questions and needs of seekers and believers alike. Carrying his mission a step further, Christian Thinkers Society launched a national show through Faith Radio Network. “The Jeremiah Johnston Show” began on September 8; it will air from 11 a.m. to noon CDT on Saturdays through Faith Radio Network stations, online, and is available through iTunes and other on-demand podcast platforms.

Johnston is the author of several books including “Unimaginable” and “Unanswered.” In “Unanswered,” he delves into some of the 10,000 questions that CTS has received. “The number one reason why people walk away from the faith is that they have unanswered questions concerning things like the legitimacy of the Bible, eternity, purpose and suffering,” Johnston explained. “So often people are too embarrassed to ask hard questions or they’re afraid that there might not be an answer. It’s not a sin to ask questions or, for that matter, question your faith. My show is a safe place to deal with difficult questions and to have honest conversations.”

The live, Q&A format allows listeners to submit their questions verbally and through AskJJJ.com. In his inaugural show, Johnston fielded queries about topics ranging from the biblical timeline to horoscopes. In addition to answering each question with Bible-based answers and references to proven scholars and reliable resources, he exhorts listeners to study the Bible and to engage their minds with their faith.

“We have to hold the Bible to the same critical thinking test as we would any other document in history,” he said. “The Bible is reliable, it’s relevant, and it does have infallibility and authority. Therefore, it can stand up to critical questions and concerns and earn our trust.”

While information is readily available in the technology age, it is not usually personalized, and it rarely addresses the deepest questions of faith and life that many people hold. “We’re in a culture of confusion with so many competing voices,” Johnston said. “My prayer is that the radio program will be a go-to place for listeners to receive encouragement.”

Neil Stavem, director of Faith Radio Programming, said, “The Jeremiah Johnston Show” fits in well with the network’s content and mission of leading people to
Jesus Christ and helping them grow. Late evangelist Billy Graham was the first personality on the air in 1949. “Over time, that heart about what the Bible says and proclaiming that has been at the center of our mission,” Stavem said. “We have been encouraged by Dr. Johnston’s wisdom, insight and ability to present deep truths in compelling ways. The show will address complicated issues in winsome, relevant and thoughtful ways.”

In addition to providing responses to each question, the show will include discussions with other scholars and teachers, inspirational teaching and engaging interviews. Johnston has announced an impressive list of show guests, including Sheila Walsh, Sean McDowell, Dr. Robert B. Sloan, David Limbaugh, Rick Renner, and other Christian thinkers. Each guest is asked, “What is the most difficult question you personally have struggled with in your faith journey?”

Johnston said, “We live in a radically skeptical age. Today, more than ever, the Christian Church needs people who are able to communicate truth in a postmodern environment that is sometimes hostile to Christianity. Important questions deserve informed and conversant answers.”

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