“The Living Word” Daily Bible Readings

The News Magazine of HCU

Dr. Diana Severance, Director of the Dunham Bible Museum, is showcasing her book entitled, “The Living Word,” a collection of 366 daily readings that reflect on the power and impact of the Bible in history. Dr. Severance wrote about 30 stories on the Bible’s history that were originally to be featured in short radio spots, an idea proposed by HBU President Edward D. Hodo to draw visitors to the Dunham Bible Museum that was not realized.

After writing “Her-Story,” a collection of daily readings on the history of Christian women, Severance thought that a similar collection of daily readings on the Bible’s history might be of interest and pulled out what she had written for Dr. Hodo and expanded them into 366 readings on the Bible’s history, influence and impact. The readings are basically arranged chronologically, from the first through the 21st centuries.. Each reading is followed by a Bible verse about the Word of God, which can also become a personal prayer, so that the living Word of God molds and shapes our lives to His honor and glory, shares Severance in the book’s introduction.

Through these daily readings, the book highlights the story of the Bible across time—its challenges, triumphs and its dynamic power and preservation against all odds. The stories and insights in these collected readings will inform, inspire and invite reflection. But most important, it will encourage readers to engage God’s Word in new and interesting ways.

Leland Ryken, Professor of English Emeritus for Wheaton College describes “The Living Word” as “without doubt the most complete and amazing collection of information about the Bible and its influence in print.” He adds that “The entries cover such an amazing variety that the book becomes a page turner, as we can barely wait to see what the next entry will place before us. The book is a triumph of unobtrusive scholarship and research.”

The book is available on Amazon.com, Barnesand Noble.com and other online book retailers, and also at HBU’s Dunham Bible Museum.