Facilities Facelift

The News Magazine of HCU

Sharp Gym, home of HCU men’s and women’s basketball and volleyball programs, received a welcomed upgrade this summer with the installation of a new playing surface featuring a refreshed court design.

The maple surface is a Robbins floor that was installed this summer by NAH Sports Flooring and includes recycled components in the shock pads. In addition to the new flooring, the court design now features the new Husky head logo at center court, “HUSKIES” on both baselines and smaller logos with “HCU” and the Husky head together on opposite corners of the floor.

The new floor replaces the old playing surface that was originally installed in the summer of 1994.

At Husky Field, meanwhile, the HCU baseball team is now making full use of its new indoor player development facility. The new building allows the Huskies to be able to practice regardless of weather conditions outside.

The 7,200-sq.-ft. facility features nearly 4,000 sq. ft. of multipurpose turf, three full-size hitting cages and a custom built, baseball-only, weight room in partnership with Power Lift.

Dunham Field at Husky Stadium also underwent a facelift this summer with a brand new FieldTurf surface laid and a new field design applied.

FieldTurf is among the most trusted artificial playing surfaces available for football fields, the choice of more than 1,000 colleges and universities along with various NFL stadiums and practice facilities.

The new field has the updated Husky Head at mid-field, updated Southland Conference logos and still boasts the “Dunham Field” name. Additionally, the end zones are now blue with “HUSKIES” in white with an orange outline.